Huda's new rose quartz collection
Huda’s latest makeup and skincare drop reminds us of the importance of self-love. (Supplied)

Ladies, we work hard. So does Huda Kattan. Year round, Huda Beauty and Wishful drop one bomb makeup and skincare product after another. But what’s a woman to do when she’s putting so much energy into the world and not replenishing her own? If you follow the teachings of any self-love and self-care instacoach, they’ll tell you the same thing. Ground yourself, meditate, and surround yourself with rose quartz crystals. Huda (as she’s known to do) took this a step further and is helping us finish out 2021 by reminding us to focus on the journey within. Huda’s new rose quartz collection delivers beautiful makeup and skincare products with some seriously harmonising energy. Let the self-love commence.

Makeup mantra

Huda's new rose quartz collection
Rose quartz is a crystal that infuses a harmonising vibe of self-love and self-care. (Supplied)

Rose quartz is known for it’s gentle and loving energy. It’s often used for those seeking love or deepening their own love of self. This light pink crystal is one of Huda’s favourites, and she chose to share it with her fans in her latest collection to uplift their frequencies as well. Huda’s new rose quartz collection contains four makeup products. Say hello to your new favourite soft rosy and earthy-toned eyeshadow palette, rose quartz brush set, pearl face gloss, and a shimmery, and quartz-infused lip balm.

Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette
Huda's new rose quartz collection
The cool, grey-toned eyeshadow palette features 18 shades with four different textures. (Supplied)

The Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette (Dhs265, Huda Beauty) contains 18 eyeshadows with four different textures. Create endless looks with the mattes, creamy metallics, marbled quartz shimmers, and translucent gloss finishes. With shadow names like moon magic, cosmic love, and abundance, these shadows will manifest your dreamiest eye looks.

Rose Quartz Brush Set
Huda's new rose quartz collection
The Rose Quartz Brush Set features three eyeshadow brushes. (Instagram @hudabeauty)

If you’re stuck on what to apply your Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette shades with, Huda’s got you covered. Her new trio of Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Brushes (Dhs144, Huda Beauty) feature a shade, smudge, and blender brush. These super-soft synthetic bristles have semi-translucent rose quartz inspired handles and come in a reusable polybag.

Rose Quartz Silk Balm
Huda's new rose quartz collection
Pucker up with Huda Beauty’s rose quartz infused lip balm. (Instagram @hudabeauty)

Not only is Huda Beauty’s new Rose Quartz Silk Balm (Dhs86, Huda Beauty) named Love Stone, but the formula itself contains ultra-fine rose quartz mineral powder. Perfect your pout with Huda’s shimmering lip balm that not only will attract loving energies your way, but also infuses the essence of self-love and self-care into your lips with its good-for-you ingredients. Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates lips and gives them a cushion-like bounce and the soybean and licorice ingredients provide conditioning nourishment.

Rose Quartz Face Gloss
Huda's new rose quartz collection
Huda’s face gloss is a transluscent gel mixed with reflective pearls. (Supplied)

The Rose Quartz Face Gloss (Dhs161, Huda Beauty) highlighting dew gives a glass-like luminous glow to the skin with its unique formulation of translucent gel infused with copper and gold-reflecting white and pink pearls. This versatile skin gloss gives skin an energised look and is gorgeous on the collarbones and shoulders too.

Soulful Skincare

Huda's new rose quartz collection
Brighten, tighten, and smooth your skin with Wishful’s latest face mask. (Instagram @wishful)

Open your heart chakra with Wishful’s newest addition to their skincare family, the Rose Quartz Lift & Glow Peel Off Mask (Dhs161, Huda Beauty) . This brightening, tightening, and soothing mask unclogs pores and restores a balanced glow to your complexion. Rose Quartz Lift & Glow Peel Off Mask is packed with skin-loving ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid, calming lotus flower, and antioxidant-laden watermelon. It also contains youth-inducing and purifying rose quartz.

With Huda’s new rose quartz collection, we are glowing on the inside and out. Here’s to positive vibes, glowing skin, and a gorgeous beat to carry us through the rest of the year.