Holiday Shopping Guide 2021
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I’m not ashamed to admit that even though we’re in the midst of autumn, my mind is six light years ahead and already planning my holiday shopping list.

Now, as someone whos accustomed to treating herself to gifts all year round (because you only live once, right?), shopping for others may feel like a challenge, especially if you’re a significant procrastinator (we’ve all been there.) Which is why this year, I’m encouraging others to do their holiday shopping early.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe or delight a friend or family member with a thoughtful surprise, we’ve got you covered. From chic coffee-table essentials to glam loungewear to statement dressing and maybe even bold shoes, we’ve rounded up all the best gifts to give that stylish someone in your life because every lady deserves a present every now and then – yourself included.

1. laser-cut faux fur jacket

Balenciaga, Laser-Cut Faux Fur Jacket in white and black Chesterfield nylon, Dhs 45,030, SHOP NOW

A well-crafted faux fur jacket will last a lifetime.

2. metal hair clips

Prada, Symbole Metal Hair Clips, Dhs 550, SHOP NOW

Would she really say no to metal hair clips? I think not.

3. Quilted tote

STAND STUDIO, Quilted Bag, Shopbop, Dhs1,340, SHOP NOW

This is a bag that will fit all of her essentials while looking perfectly stylish and well put together.

4. crystal-embellished drop earrings

Sterling King, Georgia crystal-embellished drop earrings, Dhs 1,370, SHOP NOW

Gifting luxury crystal-embellished earrings is the ultimate way to show your love.


ANISSA KERMICHE, Set of three mini eartherware vases, Dhs708, SHOP NOW

Being an adult is all about finding only the fanciest home decor.

6. bow-tie crop top


I mean, it’s a velvet top with a silver bow? Need I say more.

7. red velvet knee-high boots

Jimmy Choo, CHAD 90 Red Velvet Knee-High Boots, Dhs 4,950, SHOP NOW

This is the boot that will easily elevate her holiday look.

8. airpod holder

Dolce & Gabbana, Devotion AirPods holder, Dhs 1,854, SHOP NOW

She’s guaranteed to love a chic airpod holder, especially if it looks like a mini Dolce&Gabban bag.

9. cuff bracelet

Gucci, Interlocking G cuff bracelet, Dhs 1,715, SHOP NOW

Level up her jewellery collection with a bold cuff bracelet that can easily mix with the rest of her jewellery.

10. knit maxi dress

SOLACE LONDON, Loren Knit Maxi Dress, Dhs 1,700, SHOP NOW

Nothing flatters a women’s body like a chic maxi dress – a true wardrobe essential.

11. espresso cup with saucer

L’OBJET, Soie Tressée Espresso Cup with Saucer, Set of 2, Dhs 1,275, SHOP NOW

A household essential.

12. ribbed track pants

FRANKIE SHOP, Ribbed wool track pants, Dhs 650, SHOP NOW

We’re always on the hunt for our next pair of sweats, and your friend or relative will mostly be on the same page – so do your girl a solid and grab her a cosy ribbed pant.