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90s nostalgia is an inescapable force in fashion. We’re obsessed with the context associated with throwback styles, drawing from our own memories of that time or looking back at the pop culture of that moment. This style gives us the power to embody our favourite parts of the 90s, whether we lived through them or not. Good designers notice these emotional needs and are adept at fulfilling them in their own unique way, which is why so many of the top items in fashion are reminiscent of the 90s. Below are three of the best throwback items selected from the Lyst Index Q3 report, a data-driven round-up of the ten most popular pieces in fashion today.


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Emma Brewin Cloud Bucket Hat 

The bucket hat is one of the most prominent hallmarks of 90s style. Now it’s back in full force, with Emma Brewin’s Cloud Bucket hat to prove it. This fun accessory is number 10 on Lyst Index’s Q3 report, solidifying it in popularity today. However, mainstream fashionistas would have also embraced this fluffy bucket hat in the 90s; if Clueless were made today, it would unquestionably be included in Dione’s statement-making wardrobe. With timeless styling potential like that, it’s no wonder why Emma Brewin’s Cloud Bucket is so popular.

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Roxanne Assoulin Camp Bracelet

Roxanne Assoulin’s Camp Bracelets’s handmade manufacturing and beaded design make them sympatico with the DIY moment we’re seeing in fashion today, and landed the jewellery one of the top 10 spots on Lyst’s Q3 Index report. Not only do they resonate with style today, but they’re also a major throwback to the letter bead bracelets made at slumber parties in the 90s. The designer also offers customization on her bracelets, mirroring the experience of making your own as a child. Only the result will be much more elevated than one you’d find at the kid’s craft table.

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 Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps

The Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps harken back to the signature 90s style. They’d be fit for a Spice Girl back then and are worn by pop stars like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande today. Perhaps that’s the magic of these shoes and why they’ve made it to number two on the Lyst Q3 Index report – slip them on and embody the 90s it-girl aura.