A Bird In The Hand

An ode to the habitats of our flying feathered friends and their penchant for nest decorating with new season wares.

The Art Of Living

We know what it’s thinking, smizing from beneath its eccentric silver cloche. It thinks it will be given centrepiece. Catching the light and basking in freshly unboxed superiority, it believes it’s like no other. That it’s worthy of clearing the pedestal. This porcelain ingenue, this crockery nobility is here to claim our place. We know because it’s happened before. Many times. A new guest arrives and asserts a certain level of importance. It’s hard to argue, they have such an intoxicating beauty. They’re without history and are yet to be burdened by the cracks and scratches of a life on show. Usually, they’re the dernier cri - decorated in a mode so desirable they become estranged from their safe and sturdy contemporaries. We’re used to it. We’re well versed in casually reminding these visitors that they are, indeed, not the first and that they won’t be the last.

Carrying The Weight Of The World

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it,” Lena Horne famously said. And so, we go forth with an appreciation for the good things in our lives. For the colour, the zest, and the rambunctiousness. And a knowledge that the might to withhold the weight on our shoulders, begins with a great bag.


A blending and blurring of the senses, are we headed for a world where we experience one sensation through the portal of another? Will we see what we hear, and hear what we see? Perhaps performance artist and Youtuber Poppy knows