If you’re like us, you can’t get enough of nail art. This nail trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. If anything, it’s getting more ornate, more detailed, and more creative…by the day. Screenshot these trendy nail art designs before your next nail appointment and thank us later. They’re chic, on trend, and so very Grazia-esque.

Glazed donut

The ‘glazed donut’ look was popularised by Hailey Bieber , it has been trending since Hailey was spotted with the glazed donut look at an award function. The look features an iridescent pearly look, which makes it the ideal look for minimalists. Keep scrolling for some our favourite looks from Hailey and Vanessa Hudgens.

The glazed donut look on Vanessa Hudgens, she paired it with a similar necklace to highlight the nails even more and you can do the same. @nailsbyzola
If the classic look is too simple for you, you can always add colour to upgrade the look and make it you. @kendalkit, If you want to upgrade your french manicure try the look below with a glazed donut base and brown tips, perfect for autumn. @laurencaruso


Chrome nails are the hottest nail trend of 2022, thanks to TikTok and the billion videos on it. Here’s a few pictures we can’t wait to recreate.

We love this subtle chrome look, this is a great way to elevate a basic french tip manicure so make sure to try this at your next appointment. @myprettyset
If a basic chrome is too simple for you, you can opt for an elevated look with pearls and squiggles. @frosteddtipss
Another one for the maximalists, we love this updated version with pearls and embellishments. @nailsbyhanin

Aura nails

Aura nails have taken over our Instagram and Pinterest feed, if you love colour this is the perfect trend for you to try out. Scroll for some of our favourites.

If you’re still in a summery mood, you have to try this look it’s the perfect combination of all colours without being overbearing. @nailsbyhanin
If you’re more of a short nail girl, don’t worry the trend looks great on all shapes. @nail.sucre
Dark aura nails for those ready to embrace autumn and all the festivities that accompany @1-800-nailme

French (Twisted) Manicure

While French manicures are beautiful, these modern upgrades to the classic are swoon-worthy. Here are a collection of our favourite French manicure trendy nail art designs.

trendy nail art
Greens are trending hard in 2021 and by the looks of it, are here to stay for 2022. We love this artistic and angular take on the French manicure with the different shades of green. (Instagram @thehotblend)
trendy nail art
For a minimalistic and sweet look, opt for baby blue instead of traditional white. If you want to take this look a step further, ask your technician to put a line of pale gold where the baby blue meets the natural nail polish. (Instagram @nailsdaily15)
trendy nail art
Another take on the French manicure with two shades of blue. We love the way the darker blue offsets the pastel shade. (Instagram @thehotblend)
trendy nail art
These Pucci-inspired French nails are perfect for yachting around the Burj Al Arab. (Instagram @nailsdaily15)

Animal Instinct

Explore you wild side with animal print nails. Always in style and on trend. The best part? They’re cruelty-free designs.

trendy nail art
We love the negative space look with these leopard spots. To further enhance this look, ask your technician to add flecks of gold inside a few of the spots. (Instagram @tribecabr)
trendy nail art
There’s nothing wrong with having your nails match your favourite pair of sunnies. Tortoise shell nails are for everyone on their fingers on the pulse of trendy nail art. (Instagram @polishedbylearnahstarbuck)

Geometric Glam

We love the edginess (literally) of geometric nail art. Here are some of the best trendy nail art designs with a touch of geometric glam.

trendy nail art
This design makes us feel futuristic and nostalgic for the 80s at once. (Instagram @wicked_nail_garden)
trendy nail art
These geometric nails almost give us a French manicure vibe. We love the different shades of blue. (Instagram @nail_blisss_)
trendy nail art
The reverse ombre with geometric graphics is a winner. If grey isn’t your colour, opt for white or a pale blue. (Instagram @glinska_katarzyna)

Negative Space Naturals

Negative space nail art is here to stay. New to this trend? You’ll be obsessed before you know it.

trendy nail art
These squiggles give us major modern art vibes. This simple design makes nails look exquisitely manicured. (Instagram @nail_sunny)
trendy nail art
Thise swirly shades of brown and white give us 70s vibes…and we love it. (Instagram @nail_sunny)
trendy nail art
Another design using only black polish. These retro looking nails are perfect for your next ladies night. (Instagram @nail.art.by.tea)
trendy nail art
This design gets more interesting the longer you look at it. We love the mix of pale neon colours as well as the use of negative space and angles. (Instagram @nailsbysnappy)
trendy nail art
This cosy looking design makes us want to curl up on the couch under a big blanket and the latest issue of Grazia. (Instagram @thehotblend)

Ethereal Evil Eye

Ward of bad vibes with these evil eye trendy nail art designs. Once we started incorporating evil eyes into our nail art designs, life seemed a whole lot easier. True story.

trendy nail art
These black and gold French manicured nails with evil eye detailing will ward off any negative energy in your near future. Instagram (@thehotblend)
trendy nail art
We love the earthy and metallic hues of these soulful nails. (Instagram @theglitterstorybyriya)
trendy nail art
Ward off bad vibes until your next nail appointment with this trendy nail art. (Instagram @