2022 is finally coming to an end, this was the first year post-pandemic where we were able to gain a semblance of normalcy in all aspects of our life including fashion. This new found freedom was reflected onto all fields, specifically fashion, which led to an array of new trends. Among the post pandemic trends, some of the most influential ones included: Dopamine-dressing, Barbiecore, Wednesdaycore, Blokecore and several other micro trends that were short lived on Tiktok and Instagram. All of the trends transpired to provide fashion fiends the ability to exercise their creativity, and escape through fashion once again after a tumultuous period of lock-downs. These trends were embraced by the masses expeditiously as everyone was elated to trade their sweatpants and hoodies for something more glamorous. As we purge our closet of everything that no longer sparks joy, scroll for our predictions of the top five fashion trends in 2023.

All Black everything

All black ensembles were seen all over the runways. at Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen, Givenchy and a lot more. It looks like ‘Wednesday-core‘ is here to stay and we couldn’t be more excited to sport all black outfits all summer.

All the Blues

The cobalt blue shade was one of the most prominent colours in some of the Spring/Summer 2023 shows like Off-White and Alexander Mcqueen. The colour will ensure you stand out in every room you enter, so you can start of the year with a bang.

Sunset Hues

These ombre outfits in typical sunset colours are the perfect Spring/Summer trend, all the bright hues make it the quintessential summer outfit and we can’t wait to rock these at all the beach parties.

power BLAZER

Power suits and blazers never go out-of-style, if you don’t own a great piece that instantly makes you feel like the best version of yourself or upgrade any basic outfit you need to go shopping ASAP. If colours are not your aesthetic you could go with a beige or black one or opt for a bright and bold blazer like Victoria Beckham’s to step out of your comfort zone in 2023.


Sequins are here to stay, so you can hold on to the sparkly new year’s eve outfits to rock it all Summer. To style your statement piece for a day out or lunch date, you can pare it back with a white shirt or white tank top and pair with with minimal accessories for a night out.