After a tumultuous couple of years of Covid-19, 2022 is finally the year we experienced a semblance of normalcy, with lifted protocols and re-openings of our favourite places. The whole world was ready get back into their daily routines and so were all the fashion fiends, desperate to get back into clothes that sparked joy rather than dressing for comfort, which led to all the ‘core’ trends that allowed individuals to escape their monotonous routine through clothing. Keep scrolling to get an insight into some of the biggest trends of 2022.


Barbiecore was inaugurated at the start of the year by Pierpaolo Picciolio, when he showcased his F/W 2022 collection named the ‘Valentino Pink PP Collection.’ The gorgeous collection encompassed 81 looks in varying silhouettes and textures all in the same fuchsia shade. After a dreadful two-year lockdown spent in sweatpants, the internet and everyone alike embraced the dopamine-inducing trend in a heartbeat, which has trickled down on the rest of the year. Most recently, a similar shade, ‘Viva Magenta,’ has been crowned the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023 so we know Barbiecore is here to stay. 


The very much awaited FIFA World Cup is finally over after a very successful edition in Qatar. However, that doesn’t mean ‘Bloke-core‘ is. If you’re not familiar with the trend, it emerged from all the World Cup fever. It was coined by Tiktoker Brandon Huntley who ironically created the hashtag posting outfits sporting his old fooball jerseys, and it was soon embraced by TikTok and Instagram with open arms. If you were among those who didn’t participate in the trend when it went viral, utilise those football jerseys and start styling them onto your everyday ensembles now. 



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The famous Netflix show Wednesday, a dive into the Addams’s family’s character, has taken the internet by storm due to its distinct cinematography and story-line paired with eclectic characters. Wednesday’s aesthetic encapsulates dark academia, goth chic, and Gen Z style all meshed into one which explains why it was adopted expeditiously by all the fashion fiends. The style may not be new to some, but it has definitely intrigued the rest of the demographic to divulge in to the trend. 


Cottagecore, like the name suggests, is inspired by nature, outdoor and country side living. Like most trends nowadays, it was popularised on TikTok recently, despite being around for years. Cottagecore has seen a massive influx in both the fashion and interior world as sustainability and slow-living is embraced by most people in this generation, which illustrates it’s not only about clothes, but a lifestyle. We hope the trend remains popular in the coming years as it is beneficial for everyone.