‘Blokecore’ is the latest TikTok trend that has ignited the interest of both football fans and fashion enthusiasts, so let’s divulge into the trend and how you can incorporate it into your outfits for the fast-approaching FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar. What is ‘Bloke-core’? Let’s start with the meaning, If you’re not familiar with ‘bloke’ it is just another colloquial term for ‘brother’ coined by the Brits. The trend basically encapsulates British pub culture, retro football kits along with Gen-Z’s obsession with TikTok trends.

Tiktoker Brandon Huntley, has been accredited to start the trend and the hashtag #blokecore ironically, which has since gained over 9.2 million views. The trend is definitely not new, nor revolutionary, football fans have been sporting similar ensembles for decades and so have some of our favourite celebrities and influencers. The style has recently gained traction due to the acquired term and exposure to everyone interested in fashion, not just football fans.

This football-centric aesthetic has been introduced into the fashion world for quite some time. The most popular items recently have been the Adidas Sambas, which was revived by 2020 CDFA International Men’s Designer of the Year, Grace Wales Bonner. The reworked classic has been all over Instagram and TikTok since. Along with this collaboration a lot of other high-fashion brands have collaborated with sportswear brands such as: Jacquemus x Nike, Coca Cola x Puma and Gucci x Adidas, which has popularised this style more. It has recently been taking off due to the anticipated FIFA World Cup, and we have curated a selection of the best items for you to sport the trend effortlessly.

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