We’re seeing a massive rise in vibrant, contemporary styles this summer as more people experiment with dopamine dressing; a sartorial practice for mood lifting that entails dressing in alignment with your inner self. For many people, this looks like wearing bright colours and eye-catching designs, which is why fashion has become increasingly punchier, with maximalist styles. From the rise of hot pink Barbiecore looks to the uptick in mid-flossing and cut-out designs, these adventurous styles are everywhere. For the sake of preserving the trend, we’ve rounded up the fashion labels that should be on your radar that will boost your mood with crochet dresses, faux fur bucket hats and colourful prints. Ahead, five of the top maximalist fashion brands to know in 2022.

The Sensualist

The Sensualist’s faux fur bucket hats are a strong match for any maximalist accessory lover who wants to stand out in the crowd with their fashion choices. With their brightly coloured designs and playful proportions, the Sensualist’s hats are the perfect bold accessory to any look.

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The crochet patterns found at this store are the source of much outfit-envy. Their styles perfectly balance fragility and strength with their delicate yarn and brilliant colourways. Cro-Che’s mini dresses are ideal for anyone who wants to stay on trend while experimenting with dopamine dressing.

Discover Cro-Che’s styles here.

Silvia Astore

Silvia Astore is a must-know brand for anyone who is into the popular fashion styles of today. The brand is quickly making a name for itself with its highly stylised clothing, that features plenty of your favourite design techniques, from crochet, fringe, netting, and cut-outs.

Explore Silvia Astore’s clothing here.


Jasmains’ handprint design has made it a fast favourite of maximalist fashion enthusiasts. Its unique look makes the brand’s designs stand out in a crowd and are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their clothing.

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SLXWorld is the picture of modernity with its sheer fabrics, micro miniskirts, and cut-out designs. The prints featured on a majority of the brand’s clothing make SLXWorld a favourite for those who have a penchant for bold styles.

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