Jennifer Aniston Hair
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Simply gorgeous! Instead of wearing her hair straight, Jennifer Aniston showed off her natural curls in a makeup-free selfie on Thursday, January 13.

“Okay, Humidity…🥵😵‍💫⁣ Let’s go…..👊🏼💪🏼@lolavie,” the 52-year-old captioned two photos of herself in a towel, with her tresses going all over the place.

Of course, the Friends star referenced the episode when Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) goes to a tropical place on vacation and her hair just keeps getting bigger and bigger due to the mugginess. Aniston shared a meme of Monica saying, “It’s the humidity!” on her Instagram Story.

Shortly after the pictures were posted, several of Aniston’s celeb pals took to the comments section to gush over the look. Ali Wentworth wrote, “Sexy bed hair though….” while Sara Foster added, “Honestly, I’m very into it.”

Rita Wilson simply wrote, “Love,” and Reese Witherspoon left three heart-eyed emojis.

The Morning Show lead recently decided to get into the beauty industry, as she launched LolaVie, a new hair product that detangles and protects your locks from the heat, this past fall.

“I want each product to be multipurpose; kind of like a Swiss Army Knife in a hair product. It’s been five years since we started developing the first product,” she spilled to InStyle. “It took this long because of schedules, but also going through different batches of the product with different ingredients to get it just right and then testing it on all hair types.”

“I love a really good detangler because my hair has gone through so much thrashing,” she shared. “I love for a product to have many jobs in one, so it has a heat protector and shine, and so it’s time-efficient.”

Jennifer Aniston Hair
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The brunette beauty, who has worn her hair the same for years, has a pretty simple regimen when it comes to her tresses. “[My hair routine is] basically washing and conditioning it, putting the detangler on, brushing it through, putting it up in a towel for ten minutes, and then I either blow it out or let it dry naturally,” she explained.

A few of Aniston’s friends were even able to test out the product to make sure it was perfect. “It was really fun to get reports back from my one girlfriend that has kinky hair, and my other girlfriend who has got stick-straight hair,” she noted. “It was very helpful over the years to get the feedback, and that’s been a very key part of helping define what this is and what it needs.”

The Hollywood star has more up her sleeve, as she has “a good couple of products that we’re working on and have been working on.”