Jennifer Aniston
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According to scientific evidence, there could be another reason to Jennifer Aniston‘s overwhelming success in Hollywood (other than her talent, of course). Everyone has been turned into self-confessed neuroscientists after Dr. Ben Rein published a video to TikTok explaining evidence that suggests the actress sparks a specific brain response when we see images of her.

“There is scientific evidence that when you look at this — there is probably one neuron, one cell in your brain that is activated by all of those photos,” the scientist explained, flashing images of the actress. He discussed findings from Rodrigo Quian Quiroga who first published a study about the phenomenon in 2015.

Jennifer Aniston
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“If you know who Jennifer Aniston is, then you probably have a Jennifer Aniston neuron like this, but that one neuron is not located in the exact same place in everyone’s brain,” said Rein.

“There are probably several, maybe even hundreds of cells which encode information related to Jennifer Aniston, and this cell probably interacts with those cells,” he continued. “Brain’s not quite simple enough where it’s like, one cell per one thing. Neuroscience can be pretty cool.”

The TikTok famous doctor explained that “certain brain cells represent or encode specific things, like the identity of a person or an object.” And when people who participated in the study were shown other images like Kobe Bryant or a dolphin, the response was not the same, if not absent.


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In some ways, we’re not surprise by the results. After all, the actress did inspire the ever-lasting “Rachel haircut” during her time on Friends. As she appears on Morning Wars, we’re taking inspiration from her “news anchor hair” too. And perhaps it’s also why we can’t get over her past IRL crush with co-star David Schwimmer.

Science or not, we’ll never stop loving Jennifer Aniston. Now we’ll patiently wait for her response to the whole viral moment.