As a bona fide beauty of our time, you can’t help but wonder how Jennifer Aniston does it. She’s a booked entertainment professional in what I would call the Renaissance of her career, but The Morning Show  and Friends star has some insider tips for us on how she stays vibrant and healthy through all the work.

No doubt that her recent partnership with Vital Proteins is a key player in Aniston’s, 52, beauty and health regiment. She recently became the brand’s chief executive officer and has been boasting about the benefits of the product ever since.

“I noticed such a difference over a few months, and it’s just been a part of my everyday,” Aniston said in the interview. “When Vital Proteins approached me to team up and become a part of their team, or just a fraction of their team, I was so super excited.”

But the Vital Proteins regiment isn’t just something that helps Aniston stay healthy physically she states, it’s also beneficial for her her creativity. She says that being part of the “think tank” and “being part of the creation” is her sweet spot.

“My doctor told me about Vital Proteins in 2014 and said you need to incorporate this into your diet,” Aniston said. “It’s organic. That’s why I had been using it. It’s the only way I will partner up with a brand is if it feels like it’s organically coming out of my mouth, and I think that’s sort of been consistent throughout all the products that I’ve been a part of.”

Pivoting to her acting career, Aniston talks filming of her award-winning series The Morning Show during the COVID-19 pandemic. She reflects on the fact that of course, it was a challenging experience. With the public health restriction such as masks and social distancing being implemented on set, Aniston said that it was difficult to see a sense of interpersonal dynamic go out the window.

“As artists and creatives, it’s all about human connection. And we were in masks while we were rehearsing, and then these shields, and I didn’t see my crew members’ faces,” Aniston said. “We couldn’t say good morning with a hug. We couldn’t say goodbye with a hug. We’re all a very loving, tactile group of people, and it was strange.”

The show’s filming was initially shut down all together in March of 2020 when the pandemic had just began in the United States, from there, Aniston said, the whole production had to be re-imagined. The actress draws connection to the production of the first season of The Morning Show, when the #MeToo movement came to a head.

“Season 1 was about abuse of power and sexism, ageism, and all of that stuff, and the sort of toxic environment that happens in the world of these shows, but #MeToo was such a huge piece [of that],” Aniston said. “It’s like, “How do we not incorporate that?” So the same thing happened with Season 2. It took a lot longer than expected, and I hope it was worth the wait.”

When it all comes down to it, Aniston said that after production of The Morning Show, whenever it may end, she’d like to take on a more comedic, less serious role. She said that playing such a role, while fulfilling is emotionally taxing and that she doesn’t want to “cry and scream and rage anymore.”

“We need to laugh. It’s super important, I’ve come to realize.” Aniston said, a simple statement yet one that we can all feel the weight of.