The Kattans are no strangers to YouTube domination, thanks to Huda Beauty’s 3.8 million-strong following that formed the foundation (pun intended) for their wildly successful  beauty brand. Now it’s Mona’s turn to step into the arena. “I’m going start working on more content. So of course, I’ll be covering beauty, but a huge part will also be mental health and just personal development, so that’s something I’m really excited about.”

It’s only been a week since Mona Kattan launched her own channel but she’s already amassed 2.66K subscribers for her first video. Explaining the decision behind the launch, she tells Grazia, “In all my free time, I really like to watch YouTube videos on self-love, mental health, personal development. I’ve always been into it, since I was 13, which is like, it was when I went through my first kind of depression, it was when I moved from Tennessee to Massachusetts and I was really like questioning life and like why do we do what we do how can we make ourselves feel good and why do we feel bad. So I really got fascinated with psychology and then I became obsessed with Tony Robbins, I’m still obsessed with him, but I think now again, it’s just because of the power of social media, there’s so many amazing people, who are inspiring people to love themselves more. Jay Shetty is another one I love so much and many other great ones.”

Stay tuned.

Photo: Instagram @monakattan