Out of all the makeup techniques out there, winged eyeliner continues to be one of the most evasive. Sure, it’s simple in theory – create a delicate flick of eyeliner that elongates the look of the lashline – but in reality, shaking hands and a lack of well-practiced precision can quickly turn things into a bit of a mess.

But a new eyeliner hack courtesy of TikTok claims to make the process a whole lot easier. And while there are a number of inventive solutions available on the platform, we think this one might actually be one of the simplest to achieve. And the best part is? You’ve likely got everything you need in your makeup bag.

Introducing the invisible eyeliner trend, originally championed by TikTok beauty creator May Akhtar, which quickly went viral and has now garnered millions of views on TikTok.


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The invisible eyeliner trend involves shaping a winged eye look using concealer, rather than just relying on a liquid, pencil or eyeshadow to form a defined cat-eye flick. Once you’ve applied your chosen neutral eyeshadow, blend it out and upwards towards the tip of your brow.


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Next, take your favourite concealer and delicately draw a line from the outer corner of your eye outwards – just like you would using traditional eyeliner, only using concealer.


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Now here’s where the invisible eyeliner hack gets really good. Once you’ve shaped the lower line with concealer, simply take a small amount of concealer and focus it on the upper lid, starting from around the centre of the eye and taking it out towards the end of the lower line of concealer until the two meet – sort of like an inverted triangle, if you will.


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Then simply buff in the concealer – very, very gently, mind you – and you’ll find a very subtle winged eye in its wake. The technique allows you to create the shape you want while still having room to blend and correct any mistakes.