“You smell good” is one of the most flattering compliments of all time. One thing we’ve come to learn over the years is that fragrance holds longer in hair than it does on skin. So, be sure to reach for your hair mist–as well as your perfume–the next time you want to activate your best scent. From romantic floral fragrances to fresh aquatic formulas, we have found five of the best hair mists to spritz in between wash days. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly washed hair?

Chanel No. 5

Chanel Hair Mist
CHANEL N°5, The Hair Mist Dhs 249 SHOP

This timeless Chanel fragrance has finally been repackaged into a hair mist. It’s time to enrich your hair with a luxury diffusion of rose and jasmine leaving it with a glossy shine and a silky texture.


Kilian Hair Mist
KILIAN, Good Girl Gone Bad Hair Mist Dhs 395 SHOP

The French luxury label has turned its iconic fragrance, “Good Girl Gone Bad,” into a hair mist. Not only will Kilian leave your hair smelling fresh with its crisp aquatic notes, but the mist will nourish your hair too.


YSL Hair Mist
YSL, Opium Hair Mist Dhs 220 SHOP

YSL’s Opium is the most divine scent created by this French fashion house. This scent truly is addictive and will leave your hair smelling so good everyone will be wondering where that luxurious scent is coming from.


Tocca Hair Mist
TOCCA, Stella Hair Fragrance SHOP

Inspired by the romance of Italy, this hair fragrance will have you smelling like a nostalgic dream. With notes of orange and Lilly flower, this light and breezy scent will carry you in between your hair washes.


Gisou Hair Mist
GISOU, Hair Perfume Dhs 343 SHOP

Gisou honey hair aroma is not only beautifully fragrant. It’s also filled with nourishing properties to keep your hair healthy, shiny and moisturized. The honey hair aroma is infused with vitamins, anti-oxidants and Gisou’s signature scent to leave your hair feeling and smelling totally irresistible.