And Just Like that age
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In HBO Max’s new series And Just Like That, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) all reunite, and while things have certainly changed — Carrie is now a widow, Miranda isn’t sure about her marriage and Charlotte is figuring out motherhood — we need to know: how old are these ladies supposed to be?

When Sex and the City first aired, they never really said how old the stars were. However, in a recent episode of And Just Like That, Miranda said that Carrie is 55 years old (Parker is 56 years old in real life), so this means the journalist was 31 when the series premiered in 1998.

As for Miranda and Charlotte’s ages, it’s a little murky. According to some internet sleuths, there’s one theory that Charlotte moved to New York City after she graduated from college, which is where she crossed paths with Carrie in 1987. Ultimately, it sounds like Charlotte would be about 54 years old.

And Just Like that aging
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Fans also discovered that Miranda and Carrie met in the Big Apple in 1986/1987, which would mean the lawyer is 56 years old.

Funny enough, it looks like the trio is similar in age to Golden Girls‘ Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur), Blance (Rue McClanahan), Rose (Betty White) and Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty).

“Watching a Season 1 episode of The Golden Girls, and Rose’s age was just revealed to be 55. This unsettles me,” one Twitter user wrote. “This is Charlotte’s age on And Just Like That… We have reached the convergence.”

“The main characters in the first season of Golden Girls are younger than in the current Sex and The City (53/54 in GG and 54/55 in And Just Like That!) Amazing how different our view of women at that age is now,” another person added.

And Just Like that aging
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In the series, Miranda sports gray hair, and they all mention aging, which was important to the three actresses.

“I like that we’re not trying to youthify the show,” Nixon stated. “We’re not including, like, a 21-year-old niece.”

Showrunner Michael Patrick King also wants to make it known that it’s important to watch women who are in their 50s on television.

“When we announced And Just Like That, there were a lot of positive reactions, but one b**chy response online was people sharing pictures of the Golden Girls,” he said. “And I was like, ‘Wow, so it’s either you’re 35, or you’re retired and living in Florida. There’s a missing chapter here.'”