Zuhair Murad Spring 2022
Instagram @zuhairmuradofficial

With the current state of the world, many of us are yearning for change, whether that being a change of scenery, hairstyle or wardrobe, and Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad couldn’t agree more.

Earlier this week, the luxury fashion house debuted their spring 2022 collection during Paris Fashion Week in the form of a blissful daydream. The Lebanese designer guided us on a journey through Italy in the late 70s with an open-air museum that celebrates a culture of exoticism and aesthetics.

The collections’ designs are a feminine reflection of subtle modernism, highlighting one of the most influential decades in the fashion industry: the ’70s. It goes without saying that the women of the ’70s most likely had the best style of all time. A bit of hippie fashion sense carried over from 1960s counter culture but eventually evolved and diverged into the ultimate glamour we find ourselves constantly reminiscing about, leading Zuhair to pull the best of the best from the iconic decade.

Murad tapped into its archives to revive a series of statement-making prints added to dresses, tops and trousers. The 66-piece capsule featured a mix of styles from trouser sets to dreamy gowns and playful evening dresses. We saw flowy gowns in silk chiffon, plunging necklaces, supple knots and elevated ruffles – inspired by the island of Ischia.

Each model brought a significant revival to the chopped bang trend and textured hairstyle from the late ’70s – a trend that’s shockingly become one of the most prominent hairstyles to have. We’ve seen some of the biggest A-listers, from Billie Eilish to Kourtney Kardashian and many more flaunting their new and improved ’70s inspired hairstyle all over the gram.

Now, on the other hand, if pants haven’t made their way back to the front of your wardrobe yet, Murad’s first styles will convince you otherwise. The collection includes eight silhouettes spanning voluminous wide-legs and flares with a high waist in various shades and finishes.

Missed the show? We have you covered. See the entire collection in the video below.