Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and whether you like all the cheesy festivities: chocolate boxes, romantic movies and Hallmark cards with kitschy designs or not, we know it’s hard to resist an adorable manicure. Keep scrolling for a roundup of some of our favourite designs for you to screenshot for your next appointment.


Like the name suggests, if you love to go all out, these maximalist nails are perfect for the occasion. Go all out with heart emblems in traditional Valentine colours.

French tip with a twist

Who doesn’t love a classic French tip? It has been a classic style forever and it’s the easiest to spice up. You can just swap out the white for a gorgeous red or add tiny hearts to make it more appropriate for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily come with a restriction on any colour apart from red, you can also opt for a pink nail polish if you prefer that. You can incorporate some other trends like aura nails or chrome to upgrade the look.

FESTIVE sparkles

If you’re still holding on to a semblance of the holiday and New Year’s glittery manicure perhaps, it’s time for a refresh. You can still get your sparkly manicure using a red colour or a white to subtly partake in the day of love.

Classic Red

The classy Red is a timeless colour that is perfect all year round. But with Valentine’s Day on the corner and red being the official colour, it is a solid choice for celebrating the mushiest day of the year.

Swirl Nails

Swirl Nails are the talk of the town this Valentine’s day. There are so many cute patterns and colour schemes to choose from, but we’d go for pink, red and white with glitter to keep up with the theme.