Ramadan is here, representing the holiest month of the year, and 30 days full of prayer, reflection and generosity within the Muslim community. We all love spending time with our family and loved ones during Iftar and giving back to the community, and so do their Majesties, King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan.

Their Majesties celebrated the first few days of Ramadan in Al Karak by having Iftar with a group of young Jordanians, and the day was a unforgettable for all those who attended. Her Majesty Queen Rania was seen graciously introducing herself to all the men and women who welcomed her. She also took the time to take a few pictures with the women and was seen having empowering conversations with them, showing she always remains humble even at her highly held title.

Always looking impeccably stylish, her Majesty Queen Rania dressed the part and represented Jordan well by wearing a light pink traditional Arab thobe with tatreez, which is most commonly worn during Ramadan, and paired it with a Bottega Veneta white Mini Jodie bag. For her arrival look on the previous day, her Majesty Queen Rania also wore a traditional Ramadan ensemble consisting of a black velvet jumpsuit and vest, paired with a cream bow-neck blouse underneath.

Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania selflessly took a few days away from their family to celebrate Ramadan with the people of Jordan, representing what this holy month is all about.