Credit: Instagram/@mileycyrus

It’s an undisputed fact that celebrities often contend with hectic schedules. Early starts followed by long days packed with appearances and demanding jobs in between, while still needing to appear fresh for unexpected paparazzi pictures. Such situations often result in stars fitting in a little TLC on the go, and one of the biggest beauty tricks they employ is putting on an under-eye mask.

The delicate under-eye area is one of the first to show signs of fatigue when we’re running on too little sleep. Applying a good eye mask can help to hide dark circles, while also working to de-puff and revive the skin. Not all eye masks are created equal however, so it’s important to opt for a high-performance formula to see significant benefits.

So why not take a recommendation from Miley Cyrus and Kate Beckinsale, who have both turned to one of 111Skin‘s ever-popular iterations over the past week?

Beckinsale and Cyrus both snapped themselves eye masking on the fly – Cyrus on board a private jet, Beckinsale in her car – wearing the brand’s Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask, which is packed with potent ingredients to decompress and rejuvenate the under eye area.

Seaweed extract stimulates detoxifying systems in the skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles, while a patented tetrapeptide complex de-puffs by preventing liquid from accumulating under the eyes and vitamin E injects the area with anti-ageing antioxidants.

Upon seeing Cyrus and Beckinsale in their eye masks, I realised how much I have been neglecting my own long-suffering eye area. I work long hours and often bite off much more than I can chew both at work and in my social life, so a little pep-up was exactly what my skin needed ahead of a busy weekend. I ran to my cabinet and put one of 111Skin’s eye masks on, and 20 minutes later I looked noticeably less corpse-like.

Keen to take a skin tip from three busy women (okay, they’re probably a little busier than me)? Shop 111Skin’s de-puffing eye masks below.

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