We don’t need to sing the beauty praises of Margot Robbie. She’s a damn dreamboat. The eyes, the hair, the lips, of course, we could go on, and whilst we can’t exactly mimic her genetic gifts, there is something we can try and pilfer; her skin routine.

Celebrities can be notoriously coy about their beauty secrets (cough cough, needles), however Margot is (thankfully) more transparent. So what exactly is her secret? 111Skin. A London-based brand, founded by plastic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides, Margot was first introduced to the brand by makeup artist, Pati Dubroff, and has since been smitten.

“One brand I’m obsessed with right now is this brand Skin111, which my make-up artist Patti Dubroff got me hooked on. They have these sheet masks, they’re made out of a jelly sort of stuff and the serum they’re soaked in is so good. So when we’re getting ready for an event she’ll put one of those on while she’s doing my hair,” Robbie told Vogue.

Screen Shot 20171009 at 41950 pm
Credit: Instagram, @margotrobbie

Lacking suitable skincare that would heal post-operative scars, Dr Alexandrides collaborated with key space scientists to create his own; a now patented formula, NAC Y², which became the impetus for the range. 111SKIN was born, an all-encompassing skincare range named after Dr Alexandrides’ Harley Street Practice, where the magic initially began.

Robbie, now a regular at the 111 Harley St. Clinic, opts for the Celestial Black Diamond Facial. And whilst Robbie can hop on a plane to experience the lauded London facial whenever she chooses (imagine), it’s a slightly different story for us of the common, unknown ilk. Fear not, however, their famed skinceuticals are now available exclusively in Mecca, including Margot’s favourite, the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask.

Unlike some of its papery counterparts, the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask consists of an almost gel-like gauze, which, because of its soft pliability, fits firmly on the face (as oppose to errant paper which is determined not to hug your facial curves). It’s squishy and gauzy and soggy – loaded up with miracle-making ingredients such as; Arbrutin, which brightens skin, Silk Amino Acids to condition and smooth the surface and Centella Asiatica to stimulate collagen production. With the most advanced mask technology on the market, it delivers such nutrients straight into the dermis – no pit-stops here. It also has an instant cooling effect, regulating body temperature and working to generally soothe.

So, does your skin look like Margot Robbie’s when you peel it off? I thought so, well, the next best thing, anyway. I was smooth, bouncy and radiating with that intangible Robbie glow.

Time to mask like Margot.