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Eye creams are an interesting skincare category because in my opinion, not a lot of people use them. I think this comes down to a few reasons: either they’re too thick, they’re another non-essential step you can’t really be bothered to integrate, or they’re rendered useless. I was one of these people. I found most eye creams either gave me tiny white pimples, or didn’t deliver enough tangible improvement to convince me to keep going. But that’s just the thing with eye creams, how will you find the one if you quit after three under-performers?

I am not not interested in eye cream. Actually I am the target audience: I have dark circles, puffiness and my concealer always creases. I also know the skin beneath the eye is thinner, and therefore different to the rest of your face. So in theory, it does deserve its own special treatment. I’ve trialled a lot of formulas over the years (Ole Henrickson Banana Bright and this one by IS Clinical are stand outs), but recently due to circumstantial reasons (more time, less sleep, heightened stress levels) I’m currently on an eye cream-testing spree, applying anything and everything that promises to erase darkness, lines and puffiness.

The latest launch from Sisley – the Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid – originally grabbed my attention thanks to the promise of a  light, gel-cream consistency (because lighter creams mean less chance of developing milia). It applies via a cool-to-touch pen applicator, which I loved because it doubles as a mini massage tool to push fluid away from the eye area. The formula itself though is world class – light, creamy and instantly absorbed. It contains rose water, black rose extracts and shea so it’s super hydrating and silky. My fine lines were better, dryness gone and concealer sat comfortably on top. Long term, I noticed subtle brightness – no mean feat given my current (non-existent) sleep schedule. I also love the fact there’s no fingers in pots, because if recent times have taught me anything it’s that I am very much a germaphobe (also, air exposure is thought to degrade products). Overall, it’s a great pick for anyone with eyes that feel tired, dark, puffy and a little dry. You can even store it in the fridge if you’re looking to really pep up in the morning. It might even be enough to convince you eye creams are absolutely worth the extra step.

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid, $190. SHOP NOW