Ok, let’s be completely honest here when the last time you genuinely enjoyed taking your make-up off? Because I seriously can’t remember the last time, I actually enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s the rubbing of the eyes till they’re red because my eyeliner won’t come off or the tugging of the lashes till I remove every last inch of my mascara off, but trust me when I say I needed a solution and a.s.a.p. 

After a late-night stroll at our good old friend Sephora, I found myself coming across The Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm from Glow Recipe. I did a quick little google search to read some reviews and read that the co-founders of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, believed that the crucial step to taking care of your skin starts off with cleansing, which lead them to create a double-cleansing balm that not only leaves your skin make-up free but gives you an instant glow and gentle exfoliation along the way. It seemed like all of my make-up remover requirements were being checked off. Instant hydration, brightening, exfoliation – all in the form of a balm. Trust me when I say the skincare heavens were calling my name, and I was in no way, shape or form ready to reject their offering.


Now, let me break it down for you. After bringing this beauty home, I opened this ever-so-chic translucent orange jar, scooped up the tiniest fraction from the balm (because a little seriously goes a long way) and applied it all over my face. The solid balm melts into a soft, lightweight oil when applying it to the skin and literally glides so smoothly across your eyelid, cheeks and t-zone. It removed every last inch of make-up off my face and even removes waterproof products (I must be dreaming) – all while smelling like a tropical breeze.


After using it, I noticed my skin feeling incredibly fresh, soft and actually clean – not only did it remove my make-up thoroughly, but I could visibly see results. It feels like nowadays, skincare brands are creating more of a cleansing balm remover which I fully support. It’s the new and improved way of removing make-up and more beneficial than the traditional make-up remover wipes. It may seem like a splurge for a product that provides such a simple step in your skincare routine – but overall, it’ll save you from rubbing and tugging on your skin and trust me when I say you’ll genuinely get your money’s worth out of it.