If we could sum up the past few years with some sort of theme, what comes to mind is “breaking boundaries”. Whether it is fighting for racial equality, women’s rights, or creating sustainable movements for our planet, the one constant in our lives has been change. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Huda Kattan, one of the premiere thought leaders of inclusive beauty practices as well as the founder of global beauty brand, Huda Beauty, has backed innovative feminine wellness brand, Ketish, with HB Angels, a seed investment fund created by HB Investments. Invoking a positive catalyst for change in regards to the perception of shame and stigma around women’s bodies, Ketish introduces feminine hygiene products that are sexy, fun, and playful to the everday woman. Their first product launch, The Quickie, does just that.

the quickie
Ketish founder, Emaan Abbass, with Huda and Mona Kattan. (Supplied)

Having gone through her 20s dealing with feminine health issues, Emaan created Ketish to normalise a woman’s self-love with her own body and eradicate the shame surrounding intimate wellness. This trailblazer wants females to be proud of their feminine hygiene products. Yesterday, Ketish dropped their first product, an intimate sheet aptly named The Quickie. With flashy golden packaging, incredibly gentle ingredients, and a delicate fragrance, Emaan has made vaginal wipes playful, sexy, and fun…for the first time ever.

the quickie
The Quickie is an intimate wipe, with a sexy twist. The first of its kind. (Instagram @ketish)

The Quickie is small enough to fit in your purse but so delightfully alluring that you won’t want to hide it in there. “Society has taught us to be ashamed of things like body odor or periods,” says Ketish founder, Emaan Abbass. “I wanted to create a wipe that not only made women feel refreshed but was also something beautiful that they could proudly carry around, like a little partner in play.”

the quickie
The Quickie is small enough to fit in your purse, but so beautiful that you will keep taking it out. (Supplied)

Huda Kattan, chairwoman of HB Investments and Founder of Huda Beauty said – “I have learned so much from Emaan throughout this journey about feminine wellness and all the issues that women face every day. I love the fact that we are investing in something so meaningful and powerful, and I’m so ready for the first product, The Quickie, to finally come to life. The brand and packaging are stunning – it reflects everything I would describe Emaan as: bold, sexy, and magical.”

the quickie
Huda, Emaan, and Mona celebrating the launch of Ketish. (Instagram @hudabeauty)

Mona Kattan, President of HB Investments and Co-Founder of Huda Beauty said: “As a super busy woman, continuously living my life on-the-go, refreshing wipes have always been a must-have in my handbag! With The Quickie by Ketish, I finally have something sexy and luxurious that I can feel proud of! Feminine wellness brands traditionally have been extremely boring and I’m so happy to finally feel that there is a brand celebrating how fabulous it actually is to be a woman! There has always been such a stigma around feminine wellness and hygiene and it’s about time we make a change. Let’s open up this topic and normalize the conversation around it.”

the quickie
The Quickie is the perfect accessory for a night out. (Instagram @ketish)

The Quickie is made with a soft cottony material that treats your intimate area like the goddess you are. Ingredients such as skin-soothing aloe leaf extract and softening coconut oil ester will keep your precious parts refreshed and cleansed. The Quickie is the perfect size to pop into your clutch…and don’t forget to pack a few extra for your friends.

You can purchase The Quickie 4-pack priced Dhs25, and the 20-pack priced Dhs100 at getketish.com and hudabeauty.com.