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The latest fashion trend isn’t a bedazzled shoe or seasonal colour. It’s the concept of buying sustainable garments and focusing on ethical clothing. When looking at brands to invest in, many brands are taking steps toward minimizing the industry’s carbon footprint and implementing ethical practices to prevent any additional waste.

Ahead are five sustainable fashion brands in the UAE to consider investing in.

1. darin hachem

Creating the utter-most luxe sustainable pieces for women who take pride in wearing timeless garments, season after season. The brand carries a Lebanese and Mexican culture mix by incorporating abstract and artistic elements.

2. all things mochi

Celebrating culture and traditional embroidery, Mochi embraces colour and fun prints through their designs. By working with pieces from previous collections, the brand focuses on creating long-lasting products hand-picked from vintage shops all around the globe.

3. reemami

With sustainability at the core of the brand, Reemami, a Middle-Eastern brand, is committed to creating sustainable and ethical designs to empower women by showcasing how an active and healthy lifestyle can exist through garments.

4. okhtein

Egyptian sisters, Ayay and Mounaz Abdelraouf showcase their vision of redefining the traditional mindset of luxury fashion by creating statement pieces utilizing the finest materials to last in your wardrobe.

5. ynm

Ready-to-wear fashion label YNM specializes in elegant and redefined contemporary hand-made garments that are solely designed in-house.

6. Sara Tamimi

Taking real action towards sustainable fashion, state-of-the-art fabrics feature throughout the collection – including innovative rose-petal satin, Global Organic Textile Standard silk and 100% Oeko-Tex ponti. Alongside ethically sourced Egyptian cotton and vegan leather, even the buttons are thoughtfully made – crafted from an alloy that is not wasteful and coated in a smart eco-plating that conserves water.