Whilst we find ourselves thrifting for clothing, bags and jewellery, there’s one thing we can’t buy secondhand: underwear. Sustainable fashion has come a long way, but it feels like now more than ever that people are taking it one step further when it comes to curating our closets environmentally friendly way, and building an eco-conscious wardrobe from the inside out (literally).

When it comes to our intimates, we are, without a doubt, always on the hunt for those extra comfortable fabrics to make us not only feel good but confident, and the sustainability factor shouldn’t be overlooked. From brands that use recycled and organic materials to brands that created collections made from surplus fabric, below, six of our favourite sustainable lingerie brands.

1. Heist Studios

Embracing comfort, support and style, the British brand HEIST celebrates the importance of creating essential pieces designed from 100% recycled and recyclable lace, with a sheer eco-mech applied on their intimate garments.

2. knickey

This NYC-based intimates brand produces organic cotton pieces, all while allowing their consumer to send in their throwaways, which they then recycle—creating a unique approach to upcycling and preventing any additional waste.

3. botanica workshop

With its use of organic cotton, recycled nylon, and silk, Botanica Workshop is your one-stop-shop for everyday luxe, providing a wide selection of sheer details and unique prints. This USA brand may be on the pricier side, but any purchase from Botanica is worth the splurge.


4. Jonesy

By focusing on unique and breathable fabrics, flattering cuts and on-trend styles, Jonesy has created a unique approach to sustainable underwear, all while highlighting the importance of finding pieces that genuinely align with your personal style.


5. mary young

Mary Young, a Canadian-based brand, has created a signature style by working with organic bamboo and creating unique silhouettes with delicate mesh detailing and a high-waisted fit.

6. organic basics

Offering a minimalistic approach to everyday intimates, the Copenhagen based brand creates eco-friendly underwear, bras and all-around intimate essentials made from recycled, biodegradable and natural textures.