I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly thinking about how much waste I produce when it comes to my everyday beauty routine. It’s the moment when I’m done with a product and finding myself tossing it out that kills me the most.

Now, as a beauty lover, I find myself recycling daily, but I can’t help but wonder why there’s no effective alternative than the classic reduce reuse and recycle pattern? Does it ever cross your mind that there’s a possible chance that the items don’t actually get recycled and end up in a landfill?

After recently visiting Sephora, I was introduced to a line of refillable products, where you can bring in your empty container and purchase a refillable tube rather than an entirely new product. What a genius idea, right? It feels like what was once a niche category has now become quite common, and we’re slowly seeing more and more brands re-routing their packaging and focusing on reducing their plastic footprint, and we are so here for it.

Ahead, find 10 refillable beauty brands available in the UAE that you can actually use repeatedly.

1. ritual


This body cream, complete with refillable pods, hydrates and, soothes the skin. All while promoting a sustainable and eco-conscious skin-care routine.

2. fenty skin

Fenty Skin, Hydra Vizor, Dhs150, SHOP NOW

When launching Fenty Skin, Rihanna had mentioned that sustainability would be at the forefront of the company, which is why her beloved Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer comes in refillable packaging, along with many of her skin care products.

3. Hermès

Hermès, Rouge Satin lipstick, Dhs305, SHOP NOW

As one of the most luxurious lipsticks on the market, it only makes sense to come with a refillable option. Now you can receive the ultimate pigment and lightweight shades, all while staying environmentally conscious.

4. Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, Brow Cheat, Dhs140, SHOP NOW

Charlotte Tilbury’s superfine eyebrow pencil has officially become refillable. So brace yourself for a highly refined brow, which comes in eight shades with a precise refillable pencil.

5. tata harper

TATA HARPER, Water-Lock Moisturizer, Dhs300, SHOP NOW

While all their products come in a glass container, their Water-Lock Moisturizer is one of the first products to come in a refillable jar.

6. ouai

OUAI, Fine Hair Detox Bundle, Dhs340, SHOP NOW

We can’t think of a product you can burn through as quickly as your everyday shampoo and conditioner, which is why Ouai has taken their products to the next level with their refillable pouches. We seriously can’t thank you enough, Jen Atkin.

7. yves saint laurent

YVES SAINT LAURENT, Pure Shots Y Shape Firming Serum Refill, Dhs420, SHOP NOW

Yves Saint Laurent is another luxury brand to join the sustainable packaging movement. The brands Yves Saint Laurent’s Pure Shots Y Shape Firming Serum is now available with refillable serum shots.

8. hourglass

Hourglass, Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick, Dhs182, SHOP NOW

Not only is Hourglasses lipsticks 100% vegan, highly pigmented and incredibly creamy, but now the luxurious lipsticks are refillable.

9. Dermalogica

Dermalogica, Daily Microfoliant, Dhs282, SHOP NOW

You can now purchase refillable pouches on your all-time favourite award-winning exfoliator.

10. dior

DIOR, Rouge Dior, Dhs184, SHOP NOW

When seeing luxurious brands rethink their environmental impact, we can’t help but feel incredibly proud. As a result, you can now purchase Dior’s classic lipstick, which now comes in a refillable case.