Here’s the latest trend that has taken over our Instagram and TikTok feeds: Aura nails. This isn’t the first time ‘aura’ has been trending, it has been around for quite some time circulating around as aura photos. If you’re a fan of astrology you might be aware of the phenomenon. To simplify the concept, it is basically about the energy field that you exude.

It encompasses your vibe and unconscious thoughts in the moment encapsulated in a colour, or multiple colours for some. Each colour signifies a variant of emotions, for example: red is often associated with being strong-willed, energetic and driven. Purple is alluded to being a creative-thinker, mystical and wise. Lastly, yellow suggests the individual is loyal, adventurous and happy. The colours can represent both positive and negative connotations depending on the interpretation. We have witnessed the trend trickle down into graphic design and the art world over the past few months, and most recently, nail art is embracing the trend.

It is the perfect trend for all seasons, as you can incorporate a lot of colours into the design and create different gradients. Professionals usually utilise air-brushing techniques to achieve a seamless gradient, however a similar look can be achieved by using a small sponge and intense blending, along with a small liner brush and bobby pin to intensify your gradient in the middle or add extra elements if you will. To take it up a notch, you can combine the latest Hailey Bieber approved trend: the glazed donut or chrome nail art with the latest trend to achieve a bold, shimmery, intergalactic look.

Keep scrolling for a round-up of some of the most cheerful looks in different shades and variations to get inspired by and recreate immediately. If this is not your aesthetic, we also have a round-up for minimalists with striking manicure ideas here.