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According to Google Trends, searches for aura nails are at a 15-year high, with searches for “aura nail design” nearly doubling over the past few weeks. This isn’t the first time aura nails have been trending, as we saw talons transformed into energy-inspired works of art taking over our feeds at the end of last year. But, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve made a comeback because aura nails are an amazing way to add colour and dimension to nails without the need for a crazy design.

So, what exactly is an aura? Simply put, it’s the spiritual belief that all humans give off a colourful energy field (called an aura) that reflects their mood and emotions. For example: red is often associated with being strong-willed, energetic and driven. Purple is alluded to as being creative, mystical and wise, and yellow suggests that a person is loyal, adventurous and happy.

The aura nail art trend is perfect for all seasons as you can incorporate a lot of colours and create different gradients. Professionals usually utilise air-brushing techniques to achieve a seamless gradient, however, a similar look can be achieved by using a small sponge and intense blending, along with a small liner brush and bobby pin to intensify your gradient in the middle or add extra elements. To take it up a notch, you can combine the Hailey Bieber-approved glazed donut trend or chrome nail art with aura nails to achieve a bold, shimmery, intergalactic look.

Keep scrolling for GRAZIA’s round-up of the coolest aura nail looks we can’t wait to recreate at one of Dubai’s top nail salons.

purple grunge

Feeling blue

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Gritty and glittery

watercolour wonders

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celestial being

Pastel perfection

aura nails trend
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Moody and mysterious

Sunset Shades

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