autumn 2021 nail trends
We’ve rounded up the hottest autumn 2021 nail trends. Make sure you screenshot ’em before your next visit to the nail salon. (Instagram @

Nail art has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and by the looks of things, it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. Here are the current autumn 2021 nail trends to give you some inspo for your claws before your next mani.

Tortoise shell

Our favourite sunglass print is now trending in nail form. One of the hottest autumn 2021 nail trends is tortoise shell. This nail look is fab for a day at the office, mocktails on the palm, or a glittery evening event. We love the versatility of the tortoise shell. You can rock a tortoise shell mononail or use it as the tip in place of the traditional white on your next french manicure.

autumn 2021 nail trends
Want your nails to be completely on trend? Rock the new tortoise shell look on your digits. (Instagram @tiffanyabbigailebeauty)

Going green

Show your support for Mother Gaia with gorgeous green nails. Green is a hot color this autumn and so it’s no surprise that’s it’s on our 2021 autumn nail trends list. We love how the green nails play on different trend here. Between differing monocolours and and French tips with a green twist, going green has never been more stylish.

2021 autumn nail trends
Green nails are going to be everywhere. We love this trend because every shade of green is in style. (Instagram @nail_sunny)

Inverted French

This fun take on the classic French manicure has trended throughout 2021, and by the looks of it, it isn’t going away anytime soon. This trend allows you to get creative with the basics. We love the surprising ways that the negative space in revealed in each individual nail.

autumn 2021 nail trends
This fun take on the exciting French manicure is limitless. Give each nail a different design and watch the entire look flow effortlessly together. (Instagram @tiffanyabbigailebeauty)

Negative space

Negative space nails are another trend that’s here for the long haul. Our favourite way to stylize negative space is with a bold colour on the top and bottom of each nail. It gives the manicure extra dimension and an elevated element to nail artistry.

2021 autumn nail trends
Love negative space nails? Us too. This nail trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. All it asks is for you to creatively dream up new ways to stylize your negative space nails. (Instagram @nailslab_dubai)

Brown is the new…everything

Brown nails are so hot this autumn season, and appropriately so. Giving us all the autumn-esque feels with tones of hot chocolate and cinnamon spice, brown nails are one of our top 2021 autumn nail trends, having replaced dark plums, black, and midnight blues. We love this fresh take on an oft-forgotten shade.

2021 autumn nail trends
Chocolate nails are everywhere this season, replacing the black and midnight blue trends of seasons past. (Instagram @amyle.nails)


For those who love tartan prints, this one is for you. Tartans, along with gingham and plaid, are our most surprising autumn 2021 nail trend. Customise your tartan print with the shades of your choice. To win the nail game, we recommend going for currently trending green and brown.

2021 autumn nail trends
Tartan nails are coming in strong this 2021 autumn season. This trend can be reworked in a plethora of ways to suit your taste. (Instagram @beautyworksbyamy)