Courtesy of MAGRABi

MAGRABi, the leading luxury eyewear retailer in the region, has introduced a brand new luxury eyewear collection centered around a unique customer experience. The name of this collection takes a spin on the phrase ‘I am’ and changes it into ‘EYE’M’. 

EYE’M was created to cater to every individual’s particular taste, character and feelings. “Wearing My Feelings” is the brand motto, a powerful acknowledgement of identity and individuality. The collection has something for everyone: men, women, children and teens.

Each design in the collection is connected to a certain feeling, curated through bold designs and elements. The collection is divided into different emotions and characteristics. For example; Alive, Bold, Irresistible, True and Unstoppable.

EYE’M Alive

A fashion-savvy collection for both men and women, EYE’M Alive collection is luxuriously chic and elegantly creative.

Courtesy of MAGRABi

EYE’M Bold

This collection is for trendsetters who are not afraid to stand out. Daring frame styles meet highly exquisite elements. The collection includes statement eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Courtesy of MAGRABi

EYE’M Irresistible

For the fashion-forward woman, this collection boasts fun, feminine lines and eye-catching colours in an impressive choice of women sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Courtesy of MAGRABi

EYE’M True

A range of unisex glasses in a variety of high quality, practical and easy-to-wear frames. 

Courtesy of MAGRABi

EYE’M Unstoppable

For the passionate and dynamic individuals, made with innovative styles and materials. 

Courtesy of MAGRABi

These styles can be purchased exclusively at MAGRABi stores and online.