Mother’s Day is finally here and what an amazing way to spend the beginning of the Spring season than by celebrating your mum on her special day. Our mothers mean the world to us, they are the most prominent female role models in our lives and would do anything for us, probably even more than we would do for them. From Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah to model Jessica Kahawaty, here are all the best ways they’re honouring the special day.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

In honour of Mother’s Day, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah posted a beautiful family picture consisting of three generations of women that included her mother, her two daughters, as well as herself with the caption “May our lives be filled with the love that you have brought into ours…”. There is no denying that there is deep love and appreciation within this royal family.


Lebanese fashion entrepreneur Karen Wazen was happily surprised by her family when arriving to her home to tons of red and pink flower bouquets in celebration of Mother’s Day, they even had the words I ‘HEART’ U MOM completely made out of flowers.

Jessica Kahawaty

Lebanese-Australian model Jessica Kahawaty honoured her mother Rita Kahawaty by posting an adorable picture of them looking like almost exact copy-paste replicas of each other. She also posted a reel with a compilation of videos that included memories of her and her mother having some fun bonding time. The dynamic duo are not only mother and daughter, but even best friends as well as business partners of their start-up Mama Rita.

Reema Juffali

Saudi Arabian female motorsports racing driver Reema Juffali gave a shoutout to her supportive mother who has been her number one fan ever since she started to pursue her career as a racing driver. In an interview, Juffali expressed how much her mother’s encouragement and support has meant to her during her entire career, even from her humble beginnings. She said her mother has always believed in her potential and knew she would become a star even before she did herself. Juffali’s mother said she trusts her daughter and her judgement in every aspect, so when Juffali wanted to become a racing driver, she knew she could do it.

“My mother has been my absolute rock. Who I am today is thanks to her, thanks to the support she has given me and what she’s taught me. She is someone I look up to, and someone I aspire to be,” Juffali said.

Nancy Ajram

Lebanese singer and mother to three daughters Nancy Ajram wanted to show her appreciation for all the mothers out there and celebrate them by posting a video of her singing her song My Mother in dedication of Mother’s Day. Ajram also included the caption “Because what we say will never be enough, I dedicate this day to you mum,” along with her Instagram post. She originally created this song as a gift to her mother back in 2021 and later decided to share it with the rest of the world for all the mothers out there to hear.

Joelle Mardinian

Lebanese make-up artist and TV show host Joelle Mardinian wanted to publicly wish her mother a happy Mother’s Day through a heart-felt Instagram post thanking her for raising her as well as helping raise her kids. She also shared a couple of snapshots of the two looking more like sisters as she acknowledged on her post with the caption “you only look as old as my sister,” and she is not wrong.

Raya Abirached

Lebanese TV presenter Raya Abirached wished all mothers a happy Mother’s Day and shared an intimate throwback picture on her Instagram of her and her baby daughter who was born back in 2016 with the caption “#happymothersday to all you remarkable women out there.”

Dana Malhas Ghandour

Fashion entrepreneur Dana Malhas Ghandour shared how she celebrated Mother’s Day by having a full day of self-care, she began by taking a fun spin class and proceeded to attend a wellness appointment as seen on her Instagram story, she then had a therapeutic morning alongside her mother while doing some cute flower arrangements which she shared on an Instagram post.

Noor Stars

YouTube content creator Noor Naim, known as Noor Stars, made a double post dedicated to her mother on Instagram celebrating both Mother’s Day as well as her birthday. Stars expressed her love and immense admiration towards her mother, and highlighted the role she has played in her life which has influenced her into becoming the YouTube sensation she is today. Among all her beautiful words, she captioned, “My mother, my sister, my support, my first and last love,” and ended her post by wishing all mothers well. We could definitely feel the mother and daughter love, even through our screens.