If there’s one woman we trust to deliver on skincare advice, it’s supermodel Miranda Kerr. The Kora Organics founder is a pioneer in the beauty space, having started her own clean beauty brand long before it was considered de rigueur. So when she shares her ultimate at-home facial tips, we take note.

The secret, according to Kerr, is layering high-powered natural ingredients. While clean beauty sometimes gets an unnecessarily bad rap for being less effective’ than its cosmeceutical cousins, Kerr swears by natural actives to give her skin a refresh.

At-home skin treatments have become more commonplace for us all this side of the decade, thanks to the global pandemic keeping us inside and away from the luxuries afforded by a facial. But on a more encouraging note, we’ve been able to discover just how simple it is to cultivate a glow from home (#GFH?) routine that we can actually stick to.

That includes facials, which can work wonders with a little commitment and consistency. But you didn’t come here for our advice, now did you? So without further ado, here’s Kerr’s guide to the ultimate at-home facial, which she uses as a weekly skin treat.

miranda kerr at home facial


Kerr kicks things off with a good cleanse before opting for a facial steam to open up her pores. In a clever skin hack, she adds a green tea bag to a hot bowl of water for an added antioxidant hit, before leaning over the steam and placing a towel over her head.


Next, she brightens her complexion with an exfoliating face mask, namely her Kora Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask, which she uses regularly when she doesn’t have time for the full facial. “It’s like an instant facial I can do at home or when traveling,” she says. She leaves it on for 5-15 minutes, while it works to ease congestion and resurface the skin.


Once the mask has been washed off, Kerr then layers over her favorite Noni Glow face oil to re-hydrate the skin, followed by a nourishing moisturizer to lock everything in.

We’ll be following Kerr’s lead, ASAP.

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