Rationale Integrity Restorative Facial Review
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I’m in a privileged position where I experience a lot of facials. There’s been good, bad and some so extraordinary, words alone are hardly sufficient (but here we are). It almost goes without saying that Rationale falls into the latter category – ask any glowy Sydney-sider what they’ve had done and more often than not, they’ve spent 60 blissful minutes in one of the city’s signature clinics. Their approach is one that’s considered and luxurious, blending efficacious ingredients, targeted machines and of course, a sense of bliss throughout.

The pandemic might seem like an odd time to launch a new treatment, but for Rationale, it was perfect. The brand recently renovated its “Essential Six” skincare regimen, moving away from six exclusive core products and instead moving to a category system of the same number (whereby each Rationale product is categorised appropriately). The facial in question is an extension of category four, where the focus is skin’s integrity. Fittingly, the treatment is called the Integrity Restorative Facial, and I was fortunate enough to experience it a few weeks prior to launch. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it…

In keeping with the theme, the Integrity Restorative Facial is all about nourishing the complexion and strengthening the skin’s barrier – a perfect antidote to stressed “iso-skin” if there ever was one. Interestingly, it also relies heavily on the power of touch – namely lymphatic massage – with the goal of soothing, calming and sculpting the face.

I walked in tired, flat and irritated – blame it on the pandemic, blame it on the airport-sized Toblerone I stress ate the week prior. Whatever. My skin needed some TLC. Unlike other Rationale treatments, the Integrity Restorative Facial is less “active” and machine-focused. Instead, it aims to restore hydration and lipid balance, resulting in a smooth, clear and calm complexion. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything that plugs in when it comes to my face, but there is something so meditative about a good, firm facial massage. My therapist Ellie used her magic hands to work in light layers of nourishing serums, creams and balms, and the while moving excess fluid out through my lymph nodes.

Within minutes I had melted – stress and work and deadlines all but a distant memory. It’s the type of treatment where you sink somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness – where an hour feels like minutes and you emerge blissed out and bleary-eyed, as if you were floating on a cloud. When the treatment wrapped up, my face looked literally brand new: sharper cheek bones, bigger eyes, a sleeker jaw and less puffiness in general. My face was calm, dewy and incredibly bright – juice cleanse bright. In short, I’d been touched by a Rationale angel – a divine skincare experience.

As is always the case with Rationale, the day after was just as good. No marked pillow face or furrowed crease from scowling at my laptop. The only downside? I can’t experience it every single day. If you feel like it’s been a year and you want something gentle, restorative but supremely luxurious, the Integrity Restorative Facial couldn’t be more perfect.

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The Integrity Restorative Facial is available at all Rationale clinics (except Victoria for now) and costs $230 for 60 minutes. See more details here