Welcome to Take Note – a weekly rolodex of all the best in skin, wellness, and makeup from industry insiders. Each week, we’ll profile one woman who’s privvy to beauty, covering everything from recommendations to routines. Today’s instalment comes from Indie Lee, skincare expert and founder of her eponymous luxury skincare line. Indie was a seemingly healthy woman until 2008 when she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour. She underwent surgery, and while it was (thankfully) successful, it caused Lee to immerse herself in the wellness space, specifically when it came to clean, non-toxic beauty. The result was Indie Lee, a skincare brand that puts focus on natural formulas backed by science (without skipping out on the experiential element). Here, Indie discusses her skincare routine, natural makeup favourites and the one hair tool she can’t live without.

Image credit: Instagram/@indielee


GRAZIA: What does your morning skincare routine look like?

Indie: I cleanse with the Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash, tone with the CoQ10 Toner and follow with either the Stem Cell Serum or Daily Vitamin Infusion. Then I moisturise with the new Superfruit Facial Cream and finish with I-Waken Eye Serum.

GRAZIA: And evening?

Indie: Everything stays the same, except instead of CoQ-10 Toner, I exfoliate with the Indie Lee Radiance Renewal Peel.

GRAZIA: If you were heading to a deserted island, what three products would make the cut?

Indie: Our Stem Cell Serum, Daily Vitamin Infusion and Superfruit Facial Cream. They always leave my skin feeling incredibly soft, hydrated and protected from environmental stressors (crucial in dry and sunny climates).

GRAZIA: Favourite SPF formula?

Indie: Suntegrity products work really well for me.

GRAZIA: Treatments or rituals you like to indulge in?

Indie: I mask every Sunday with the Indie Lee Clearing Mask and I love Gua Sha. I try to use mine daily with my serums.

GRAZIA: Skincare cheap thrill?

Indie: I don’t skimp when it comes to my skincare!


GRAZIA: What’s your go-to makeup look?

Indie: Eye liner, mascara, bronzer, eye shadow and a great lip.

GRAZIA: Holy grail foundation?

Indie: I don’t wear foundation, I’m all about makeup optional skin.

GRAZIA: And most used lip colour?

Indie: Vapour Beauty’s High Voltage Lipstick in Primal.

GRAZIA: Best ever mascara?

Indie: Vapour Beauty’s Mesmerize Mascara in Jet.

GRAZIA: How do you shape and fill your brows?

Indie: I was not blessed with thick eyebrows, so I follow the natural arch of the brow and fill in with Vapour’s Brow Definer.

GRAZIA: Signature fragrance?

Indie: I’m still searching for my signature fragrance, but I love everything from By Rosie Jane.

GRAZIA: What does your vacation makeup kit look like?

Indie: I don’t wear a lot of makeup so it’s pretty much the same as my everyday. I might add a little more bronzer if I’m somewhere warm.



GRAZIA: Favourite shampoo and conditioner duo?

Indie: Rahua’s Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner.

GRAZIA: Can’t live without styling product?

Indie: Don’t have one….yet. Open to recommendations!

GRAZIA: What’s your top tip for styling your particular hair texture?

Indie: I let it air dry 80 per cent before styling.

GRAZIA: Hair tool you can’t live without?

Indie: The Dyson Airwrap. I bring it everywhere and I seriously can’t imagine doing my hair without it now!

GRAZIA: Who cuts and colours your hair?

Indie: Rachel Bodt and Heather Packer at Mynd Salon in New York. I have been going to these two artists for 10 years and they never steer me wrong.

GRAZIA: Dream celebrity hair?

Indie: Jennifer Aniston. Her hair is everything that hair should be.


GRAZIA: What’s your philosophy when it comes to food?

Indie: I live by the 80/20 rule. I do my best to eat healthy, even on the road, since my autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis can be triggered by certain foods. That being said, life is to be lived and indulging once in a while is well worth it.

GRAZIA: What does your typical day on a plate look like?

Indie: Mornings always start with a healthy smoothie, lunch is typically a salad with some sort of protein, and dinner is fish and vegetables.

GRAZIA: In what ways do you love to move your body?

Indie: I love going for long nature hikes. As long as it’s not severe weather, I’ll find the time for a nice walk.

GRAZIA: Coffee or tea?

Indie: If I have to choose, it’s tea, but my morning beverage is a big cup of hot water with lemon.

GRAZIA: What would your final meal be?

Indie: Sushi!

GRAZIA: Are there any supplements you take regularly?

Indie: I recently started taking Orenda immune supplements to boost my immune system. I travel a lot for work so I’m no stranger to getting sick. They’ve been game changers for my trips.

GRAZIA: What tricks do you put in place to ensure you get a good night’s sleep?

Indie: I recently invested in a weighted blanket which has been incredible. We also recently came out with products focused on Sleep. Using them before bedtime helps me create a ritual that gently reminds my mind and body that it’s time to rest.


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