Courtesy of Warner Media, Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO

Since the A24 hit’s triumphant return for season two, Euphoria’s Emmy-winning makeup department head Doniella Davy has taken to Instagram throughout this past week to explain her process and beauty tactics to aid in advancing the storyline and character development. With beauty trends frenetically swirling after Euphoria’s season one debut, its singularly aestheticized visuals put the HBO hit series in a league of its own. But as beautiful and as trendy as the makeup renderings were, the thought process behind them has always been much deeper. With intricately executed eyeliner, cosmic swirls of neon and glitter eyeshadow, iridescent sticker decals, and eye crystals abound, the leading ladies of Euphoria display their emotions, growth, and transitions by expressing themselves through their makeup- or lack thereof.

Rue, for example, would splatter some fuchsia glitter around her eyes for special occasions in season one, but while relapsing and struggling with her mental health, Rue tends to go bare faced, but in a raw, less intentional sense- just as we have seen her so far in season two. Jules tends to be maybe the most experimental, showcasing her artistic talent, while Kat’s quest to find confidence and her true self is demonstrated through her makeup. Cassie‘s conflicting emotions with slut-shaming and Maddy’s issues with her vulnerability all find their way to light through their beauty tactics.

Here, GRAZIA maps out Davy’s character insight and makeup explanations for the ladies of Euphoria– beware of spoilers ahead.

Cassie Howard

We left Cassie in the season one finale after a traumatizing experience, hoping for a fresh, new start resulting in a clean makeup look for the eldest Howard sister. After breaking up with McKay, Cassie realizes it’s her first time “not being in love with somebody.” Hoping to be on her own and “focus on herself,” Cassie backslides hardcore in the first episode of season two. Betraying her best friend Maddy, her innocent and simplistic eye crystals frame the pure fear in her eyes.

Maddy Perez

With actress Alexa Demie having previously noted that her mother was a makeup artist, she grew up watching her mom complete tutorials and editorial looks for MAC. With the season marking more of a collaborative experience, Demie utilizes her signature wing for Maddy. Appearing as the antithesis of Cassie’s beauty look, Maddy is unaware of Cassie’s betrayal. Some fans have even questioned if Maddy’s razor sharp wing signifies a sword or a knife, indicating that she is not one to be messed with.

Jules Vaughn

Less whimsical than we’ve seen Jules in the past, she sports a much darker makeup look without her flowing long hair. Obviously having experienced a transformation while in New York, Hunter Schafer made note of how her liner shape seems to resemble a mermaid purse, which encases developing shark embryo. Always questioning and on a quest for femininity, Jules’ anxieties and identity tends to play out on her face.

Lexi Howard

This season is Lexi’s chance to really come into her own. No longer the Bob Ross of the group, she begins to present herself in a more intentional manner, possibly gaining confidence and bit more self-assured. Coming into her own and possibly finding a new love interest, we are sure to see these changes mirrored in her makeup choices. With a coral glitter eye and statement lip, Lexi is set for a dramatic transformation.

Kat Hernandez

Last season, we saw Kat embark on a journey of self-discovery. With a new, stable relationship and hopefully a better love for herself, Kat’s makeup preferences ebb and flow with her battle of either wanting to disappear or reclaim her power. Seeming quite happy with Ethan at the New Year’s Eve party, her makeup reflects an electric and poppy feel, symbolizing energy and happiness.