frezco's grandmother
Kathrine Narducci attends SopranosCon 2019 at Meadowlands Exposition Center

In Euphoria, fashion plays a significant role in the lives of the antsy high school cast. But season two introduces an unlikely character who just might give the Gen Z’ers a run for their fashion. During the season’s opening scene, A woman dressed in a power-dressing pantsuit walked into a strip club with a handgun, immediately commanding attention over the crowd. We later find out the gun and crowbar towing blonde bombshell is no other than Fezco’s grandmother, or as Rue calls her, “a mother****ing G.”

Fans may recognize the actress Kathrine Narducci from The Sopranos, where she played Charmaine Bucco, wife of Tony Soprano’s childhood friend, Archie Bucco. Now Narducci takes on another boss babe gangster (and fashionable role) in Euphoria. Much like Kat’s red harness punk style or Jule’s pink e-girl style we’ve all grown to love, the look Fezco’s grandmother enters in on demonstrates her personality perfectly and what we can expect to come. From the bold royal blue to the flawlessly tailored power suit with nothing underneath and “God’s Word” and “God’s Will” embroidered, we know she means business. 

The drug dealer matriarch has garnered a loyal fan base within the ten-minute flashback. On TikTok, fans certainly are taking a liking to the series newest style icon. Videos of Fezco’s grandmother synced with “These Boots Were Made for Walking” has gone viral with the hashtag #fezcograndma at 200K views. One user commenting “girls want to be like Maddy… I want to be like Fez’s grandma.”