Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez in Euphoria (Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO)

Since the A24 hit Euphoria first came to HBO in 2019, the prestige series has sparked a collective obsession with its edgy, cool, and sometimes otherworldly, makeup looks. Now, the Emmy-winning mastermind behind the buzzed-about makeup, Doniella Davy, is launching her own beauty brand Half Magic.

With help from her collaborators on the A24 creative team, Davy created a line of cosmetics and tools to cater to both experimental beauty buffs and those preferring a more subdued, simplistic palette. For those who really want to channel their inner Euphoria character, there are colorful eyeliners and facial adornments including decals and eye crystals.

According to the brand, Half Magic is made for “makeup extroverts and introverts, newbies and pros, young and old. It’s for the boldest of the bold, as well as the understated minimalist. It’s for the red carpet, the silver screen, or the grocery store.”


Eagle-eyed fans will know, Half Magic was used in episodes 7 and 8 of Euphoria‘s second season. Always implementing beauty tactics to further emphasize a storyline or character development, Davy’s makeup compositions are anything but surface level. And she has always provided fans an inside look through her Instagram account, where she’s consistently posted step-by-step tutorials for her most beloved Euphoria looks.

Now with a line of her own, Davey’s vegan and cruelty-free products are here to aid in your color-saturated and shimmering transformation. Comprising of high-pigment paints, glitter liquid eyeliners, lip creams and liners, tweezers specifically made for your facial gems and decals, and duochrome iridescent highlighters, Half Magic is going to take any look to the next level. Start shopping, below.


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