Christine Quinn Indochine
Christine Quinn, CT Hedden, Amelia Gray Hamlin, and Julia Fox at Indochine

A model, drag queen, real estate agent, and downtown it-girl walk into a New York City restaurant sounds like the start of a fantastic storyline. Spoiler alert: it is. For Josh Safdies’ muse Julia Fox, Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn, NYC Nightlife extraordinaire CT Hedden, and top model Amelia Gray Hamlin, this is their reality. It was only a matter of time before some of the buzziest names in fashion would meet up — and when they did, it was nothing short of an extravaganza. 

The unlikely friend crew bonded over one common interest: a passion for fashion… and perhaps a good laugh or two. The meeting spot where the friendship cumulated was no other than Vietnamese-Fusion restaurant Indochine, which has served as a hotspot since its opening in 1984 for many fashionable it-crowds that came before them, including Andy Warhol, Madonna, Thierry Mugler, and Sarah Jessica Parker (who is still a regular). On any given night within the tropical wallpaper-covered dining room, you can catch fashion industry veterans, current high players, and even royals enjoying a delectable meal. Still, on one particular night in July, Quinn, Fox, Hamlin, and Hedden (who is the General Manager) were the only ones guests had eyes on.

Although Quinn is best known for the reality television show Selling Sunset, she reflects on her latest endeavor. “I’ve always loved fashion,” she mentions over the restaurant’s signature rock shrimp and spring rolls. After making her runway debut on the Balenciaga couture runway just one month earlier, it’s safe to say Quinn is finally entering her high fashion era. And with the likes of Julia Fox and Amelia Gray as besties, she’s in good hands when it comes to nailing her model walk.

Christine Quinn Indochine
Julia Fox and Christine Quinn outside of celebrity hotspot Indochine.

Before dinner concluded, the stylish crew pushed tables aside and turned the dining room floor into their own personal runway, where diners helped out by taking some grade A content that you’ve undoubtedly seen circling around social media. The catwalk continued in front of the restaurant, with Quinn and Fox posing for exquisite paparazzi shots.

The only thing that makes a dinner party, other than the people and the food, is the detailed conversation. Below, we pull up a seat at the fashionable it-crew table and talk about it all — from balancing multiple titles, going from being declined by a big fashion house to sitting in the front row of the most coveted shows, and furthermore, walking said shows, and of course, the must-try items on the iconic Indochine menu. 

GRAZIA USA: Ready to order? What’s your favorite dish on the Indochine menu?

CT Hedden: Sea bass all day, baby! 

Christine Quinn: I loved the Rock Shrimp, spring rolls, and ALL the desserts! 

G: How did your squad come about? When did you all meet?

CH: I met these divas running around Fashion Week. We are all wild energy, so we were immediately drawn to each other.

G: Christine, you made Selling Sunset your own personal runway. How does it feel to be recognized by major fashion houses? 

CQ: Fashion is my biggest passion. I live and breathe fashion. I feel like coming from reality television, I had to work even harder to be taken seriously. I remember two years ago, during Fashion Week, I was declined by a big fashion house because they told me, “We don’t work with reality stars.” It hurt really badly because I was such a massive fan of the brand. Fast forward to the cover of The Sunday Times Style, and the photo they chose for the cover I wore was by the same fashion house that had previously declined my attendance. Shortly after the cover was released, they posted the photo on their Instagram. Since then, I have been embraced with open arms because I don’t expect anything to fall into my lap. I work extremely hard, and I’m so grateful that all my years of hard work are finally starting to be recognized. 

G: How was it preparing to walk the Balenciaga couture show? Were you nervous at all? 

CQ: The Balenciaga show was a long time in the making. I work really hard on hustling in silence and letting my hard work show. It’s all about the element of surprise. I have been a fan of Balenciaga for so many years, so to be Demna’s muse and walk in his show, I felt honored yet right at home. 

G: Loving every second of what you’re doing, what has your fashion journey looked like so far? 

CQ: My style journey is constantly evolving. That is the most important part of fashion to be able to pull off so many looks and always leave people guessing and craving more. 

G: CT, your style is very specific to you, how would you describe your personal style?

CH: Chaotic chic with a touch of BDSM on bath salts.

G: How’s the book tour going, Christine? 

CQ: My book is going great. It was amazing to meet all my fans in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and lastly, my hometown in Texas. My audiobook is doing exceptionally well, and I encourage people to get the book with the audio version. It was fun to add my personality and flare to the project, and I encouraged people to listen along. It’s like having a sassy, funny best friend with great advice right next to you!

G: Also, we all know you’re an LA girl, but you seem to have the best time in New York. Would you ever consider bringing your real estate empire to the east coast? 

CQ: I absolutely love New York. It gives me so much energy and has a great vibe where you can feel the city’s pulse in your veins. I love Los Angeles, but I am ready to move to Europe to pursue my fashion endeavors further. Princess Grace of Monaco style! 

G: How is it juggling motherhood, the fashion industry, and all your other endeavors? 

CQ: Women can do it all! I work mainly from home unless I am showing with clients’ homes or filming, so it’s nice that I have extra time to spend with my son now that I work from home with my new company and brokerage

G: Can we see you back on the screen anytime soon? 

CQ: I have so many great television projects in the works I can’t wait to share. I will never be off your screen! I am always here to entertain, and I am here to stay. My dream would be to be a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race

G: You’ve all become front-row fixtures; what’s been the most exciting front-row neighbor you’ve had? What’d you talk about?

CQ: Mary-Kate Olsen was at the Balenciaga dinner in Paris. She was a foot away from me, and I didn’t say Hi. I, for once in my life, was at a loss for words. She was my childhood icon and still is. One of my top favorite fashion lines is The Row, and to this day, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t talk to her. Mary-Kate, if you are reading this, please reach out! 

CH: Rick Owens at Vivienne Westwood. We poked fun that Vivienne was eating snacks the entire show front row and could not stop laughing at it. ICONIC behavior.

G: You all are so unapologetically yourselves, was there ever a time when you felt you had to change yourselves to fit the mold of the industry? 

CQ: Sometimes I felt pressure to dress a certain way for my previous jobs, but I noticed it reflected my confidence because I was suppressing my personality. I used to style fashion as a way to remember how I felt on the inside. It’s a form of expression, and anytime from now on, I will never dress for anyone else but myself. Especially not a man. Unless he is gay. Lol. 

CH: Nope, and I won’t. EVER. This is me — take it or leave it.

G: Social media exploded with the photo of you all hanging out at Indochine. When can fans expect to see you all together again?

CH: I know Christine and I are about to tease up Fashion Week together. Next time I need to be in my drag element. I like that creature better than my boring NOW renamed from our post MGK era.

CQ: I look forward to attending New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion week and can’t wait to run into my friends I love and meet new people!