The Matchmaker
The Matchmaker.Nour Alkhadra in The Matchmaker. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Netflix announces the launch of The Matchmaker, an upcoming Arabic psychological thriller filmed entirely in AlUla. The Matchmaker was directed by Abdulmohsin Aldabaan and produced by Telfaz11, and will be the first film to be shot entirely at the UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia. Starring Hussam Alharthy, Nour Alkhadra, and Reem Alhabib, the series is one of the first psychological thrillers from Kingdom to be released by Netflix. It will be available on the streaming platform exclusively from April 27th. Scroll down to learn more about this exciting project.

The Matchmaker
The Matchmaker.Hossam Alharthi in The Matchmaker. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

The story follows Tarek portrayed by Hussam Alharthy, an IT worker who develops feelings for an Intern employed at his office played by Nour. He follows her to a resort in the middle of a desert with mysteries lurking behind its doors. At the resort, he meets a matchmaker portrayed by Reem who promises men to unite them with their ideal partner. The story unfolds when Tarek wanders outside the resort and uncovers an ancient vengeance.

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The Matchmaker. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

The released images reveal a glimpse of the eerie and atmospheric mood of the film. The spectacular location of AlUla adds more enigma to the story with its incredible visual that possesses 200,000 years of unexplored history. It helps in captivating the audience while nnarating the story of Tarek’s sinister discoveries. Additionally, AlUla brings a unique cultural experience to the viewers due to its historical significance.

Telfaz11 productions has been making headlines with their recent successful releases such as their first Netflix original film from Saudi Arabia titled Al Khallat while their film Sattar became the highest-grossing Saudi film in history. The film Raven Song also went on to become the latest submission from Saudi Arabia to the Academy Awards. Hence, The Matchmaker is expected to be just as brilliant.
Netflix will premiere The Matchmaker on April 26.