KJ Serums Squalane Oil is derived from olives and manufactured by Kathryn Jones. (Supplied)

In our never ending quest for skin that is more firmer, hydrated, and downright youthful we stumbled upon a skincare ingredient that seems to be nothing shorter than a miracle. Squalane oil is a synthetic form of squalene, a oil our body naturally produces. This natural moisturising factor keeps our skin plumped up and hydrated. Around the ripe age of 25, our body’s natural production of squalene starts to diminish, and the aging process begins.

squalane oil
According to Biossance, squalane oil is 53% better at accelerating cell turn over rate than argan oil and 35% better at accelerating cell turnover rate than jojoba oil. (Instagram @naturally.lizzie)

The good news is that we can replenish our skin with this moisturising oil. However, squalene on its own is unstable. When squalene converts to its stable derivative, squalane, the magic begins. We chatted with Kathryn Jones, founder of the much-loved Dubai skincare brand, KJ Serums, about the benefits of squalane. Kathryn fele that “squalane is one of nature’s superhero skincare ingredients.” She says her “favourite form, olive squalane, from the olive tree, offers a host of skin improving, anti-ageing benefits. Its antioxidant properties can help to protect your skin from environmental stresses and it’s also noncomedogenic and skin analogous, mimicking your skin’s own natural oils and ensuring your skin won’t become clogged or irritated.”

squalane oil
When squalane is the base of a formula, it helps the other ingredients in the product penetrate deeper into skin. The result? Your products work better and the improvement to skin is more noticeable. (Instagram @biossance)

This lightweight hydrating oil not only mimics our own body chemistry, but it also helps to boost the efficacy of our other skincare ingredients. Squalane helps other ingredients penetrate deeper into skin, increasing their potency. This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. Prone to redness, acne, or eczema? Squalane oil might be exactly what your skin needs. It’s a super hydrator and sinks deep within the skin to plump up fine lines and wrinkles. This is a favorite amongst those with sensitive skin as squalane oil is non-irritating.

squalane oil
Cult-favorite skincare brand, The Ordinary, carries several products featuring squalane. (Instagram @theordinary)

Squalane oil can be used not only on the face but the body, too. It’s great as a hair smoothing oil too. You can also massage it into the scalp to combat flakiness and use it as a spot treatment on the undereye area or the lips for extra hydration. Looking for a first step in your double cleansing routine? Kathryn tell us “squalane oil is excellent at lifting makeup, sunblock, and other impurities off your skin.” She adds, “if you desire younger and dewy skin then squalane is the oil for you.” We couldn’t agree more.