Whind expertly blends science based incredients with the beauty of seelf-love skincare rituals. (Supplied)

Hind Sebti, founder of evocatively potent vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, Whind, has always thought outside the box. Born and raised in Meknes, Morocco, Hind shares that her, “upbringing taught me to see and seek beauty in everything – from everyday life objects expertly craftily by artisans, to silky caftans handmade for special occasions to of course our beauty rituals. I learned that beauty is not only how you look but also how you feel”. She carried that artistic outlook on life into her career, where she spent 20 years working for Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal.

Hind Sebti, founder of Whind skincare. (Instagram @whind)

Skincare is Hind’s foundation

In a world focused on lipsticks, mascaras, and face powders, Hind’s motto is “skin first”. Skincare has always her priority as she explains “skincare is about much more than just the skin, but also self-care”. However, Hind has always struggled to find what she was looking for, ones that were science based but were a joy to use. Hind laments, “I didn’t necessarily enjoy using products everyday because of texture or scent. As I scouted relentlessly (both personally and professionally) in the latest skin care launches, I increasingly felt left out as everything felt a bit too cold, all about the performance at the expense of the experience. All head and no heart”.

Each product is powered by Hind’s concept of Warm Science. (Supplied)

Hind shares that “experience is critical not only for the indulgence part but even more importantly for the performance of the products – because it is a known fact that the number one driver of skin care performance is compliance”. This makes sense as we all know our products won’t work if we don’t use them regularly. If we don’t particularly enjoy using them, why would we go through the effort in the first place? Frustrated by not being able to find what she desired; Hind ultimately took matters in her own hands. She combined her practical knowledge from her career, such as the best labs to work with and the best skincare formulations, with the sensorial inspiration of the scents and textures of her Moroccan roots, and Whind was born.

The modern day skincare formulas are encapsulated in the timelessness of Moroccan heritage. (Supplied)

Warm Science

Remember earlier how we mentioned that Hind is a lateral thinker? Well, this trailblazer pioneered (and trademarked) her own formulation technique, Warm Science. Hind explains the inspiration behind Warm Science sprouted from a deep desire within her to “share the warmth of Morroco, our beauty point of view and culture to the world and represent us on a global audience”. Today’s woman wants more performance-based skincare but with the same sensorial experience and rituals akin to Hind’s memories of her grandmother’s Moroccan beauty rituals.

Warm science captures the essence of the beauty ritual with the formulations of modern day science. (Instagram @whind)

Hind tells us that “Warm Science starts with science first and dressed in a warm experience.” Thinking backwards, Hind focused on the improvements women want with their skin. She began creating formulas with her chemist to deliver the results. After each formula was crafted, she sought to encapsulate it with textures and scents inspired by Morocco and the beauty rituals she enjoyed since youth.

Full light

Hind reflects on her Moroccan heritage and how being called “full light” is “one of the highest compliments in Morocco playing back that you and your skin look luminous.” The products are inspired by the elements of Morocco, including the best-selling Marrakech Light Illuminating Magic Oil. Hind strove to “to bottle up that magnificent Marrakech light at sunrise that basks the skin in the most flattering warm glow.”

The essence of “full light”. (Supplied)

Whind’s new Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser, inspired by the feeling of a refreshing splash of orange blossom water after a long day in the desert, is a pH-balanced, rich jelly cleanser. When combined with water, it emulsifies to help lift makeup, skincare, sunblock, and all other impurities off the skin. This non-stripping cleanser contains ultra-moisturising glycerin, brightening vitamin C, and skin barrier protecting niacinamide.

The Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser leaves skin so soft and hydrated that you will (almost) forget to put on your moisturiser. (Supplied)

A new take on clay

Hind recalls that as a child she was told when using clay masks, the number one rule was to never let it dry on the skin. She remembers being told that when the mask dries, it leads to moisture being drawn out of the skin. Hind wanted to create a clay mask for Whind that contained the purifying properties of the clays but didn’t cause skin to lose its moisture. Whind’s Atlas Pure Purifying Mask is made with a creamy whipped formula that “was specifically designed to purify whilst keeping skin hydrated thanks to its combination of high performing detoxifying actives, namely green clay, kaolin clay, and salicylic acid that exfoliate and purify. These ingredients are balanced with glycerin and soothing allantoin to leave skin feeling clean, clearer, and detoxified while remaining nourished and soft.”

Whind is powered by Warm Science. Formulas with researched proven active ingredients blended with the warm of Moroccan heritage and rituals. (Supplied)

With a nod to her Warm Science technique, Hind mentions that the Atlas Pure Purifying Mask’s “sensorial inspiration came from the Atlas Mountains. Nothing says fresh, pure, rosy glow like a hike early in the morning in the gorgeous Atlas Mountain, looking at the sunrise with a comforting glass of mint tea. So, I decided to infuse the creamy formula with a delicately refreshing and reviving mint water and verbena for an extra boost of freshness.”

Whind’s Atlas Pure Purifying Mask is non-drying and keeps skin moisturised while purifying with powerful actives. (Instagram @whind)

When asked for a tip or two when applying the Atlas Pure Purifying Mask, Hind says to massage the mask onto clean skin once or twice a week over the face and neck. You can also use the mask as a detoxifying spot treatment and apply it to any areas that are appearing a bit oilier or with emerging breakouts.

Whind Skin. Healthy. Radiant. Glowing. (Instagram @whind)

Whind is available for purchase on www.whind.com. Prices start at 170Dhs.