Let me preface this article by saying that there is no substitute for a quality, in-clinic facial treatment. Aestheticians and dermal therapists are trained professionals, and despite your best DIY efforts, you’re likely not going to be able to emulate the same effects at home. But, that doesn’t mean all at-home skincare tools are a waste of time and energy. Some are in fact highly effective, and the perfect alternative if you’re in between appointments, trying to cut costs or the pandemic has you looking for safer options. Likewise if you’re just a diehard skincare enthusiast; is there anything better than answering emails behind the glow of a TGA-approved LED facial mask? I think not. But for every effective at-home device, there’s 100 copies that don’t quite deliver. So here is an edit of tools I actually trust; those I’d go out and spend money on (in my dreams, anyway).

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This just-launched gadget from Australian skincare brand Aceology really is the first of its kind. Like an at-home version of the Hydrafacial, it uses vacuum pressure technology to deeply clean the pores before infusing good-for-skin ingredients back in. You simply place the solution (either one based on hyaluronic acid, niacinamide or CoQ10) into the top chamber, run the suction head over the entire face, neck and chest and watch all dirt and debris accumulate in the bottom chamber. A great one for congested pores and flaky skin texture, it’s both highly effective and wildly satisfying.

Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller 0.30mm – Titanium 540 Needle Roller, $60. shop now

At-home derma rolling, when done correctly, is a brilliant way to refine skin texture and reduce the appearance of pores. This option from Lonvitalite is a great starter option that will create tiny injuries in the skin’s surface, thus prompting a healing response. Run the roller over the entire face both horizontally and vertically, passing over each area no more than three times. Finish up with a nourishing, hydrating serum.

NuFace Trinity Device, $494. shop now

The NuFace device isn’t exactly new, but it is one of the best. The non-invasive tool works to define facial contours, reduce wrinkles and tighten sagging skin by stimulating deep skin tissues and muscles with gentle microcurrents. The effects are immediate, but for longterm benefits, try using it every single day.
Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro, $66. shop now

LED is one of the greatest clinically proven facial treatments for all skin types because it treats inflammation, encourages collagen formation, reduces redness and heals acne. There’s hundreds of at-home options on the market these days, but this one from Dr. Dennis Gross is one of the few that meet the wavelength criteria to actually affect cellular change (and this is reflected in the price point). It omits both red and blue light, so is effective at treating both mature/inflamed skin (the red light), and P acne bacteria (blue light setting). While it costs a pretty penny, the effect it has on skin is profound.

Fortuna skin ENERGIA LUMINOSA Obsidian facial massage tool, $38. shop now

Manual facial massage tools have also gained serious traction as of late, and this sleek black offering from Fortuna Skin is one of the best. Use it combined with your favourite facial oil to de-puff, define facial contours and release tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders. It won’t increase product absorption or treat longterm, but it feels heavenly and is a nice pick me up in the morning. Try it cold or warm, depending on your mood.

Lightsim for wrinkles LED light therapy, $340. shop now

If you want in on the LED magic but can’t bear to fork out for Dr. Dennis Gross, try the Lightsim LED Light Therapy Stick. It has a smaller surface area, therefore less lights, meaning the price is lower, but it’s still powerful enough to affect change. You’ll just need to hold the device over each section of the face for three minutes at a time. This particular one is a red light tool only, so will work to reduce the look of lines, increase volume and impart a beautiful glow.