The beauty industry helps us maintain our health and enhance our self-image on an individual scale and, as one of the leading commerce industries across the globe, has the potential to positively impact society at large too. Some beauty brands are tapping into this potential and are dedicating part of their company to the greater good. From Clarin’s commitment to ending hunger to La Mer’s dedication to ocean conservation, beauty brands are creating opportunities for their clientele to contribute. For conscious consumers whose purchases are guided by values, these positive steps from companies make them an obvious choice while shopping. Ahead, discover the best beauty products attached to a specific brand’s charitable cause.


Beauty brand Guerlain has dedicated itself to bee conservation efforts for the past 14 years. The fragrance brand has created its “Guerlain For Bees Conservation Program” and partnered with UNESCO to support a dynamic beekeeping organisation built for women called “Women for Bees.” The Guerlain and UNESCO projects aim to teach young women valuable skills and the importance of biodiversity. Supporting Guerlain is, in effect, a way to support this critical cause.

La Mer

With the name La Mer (translated in English to “The Sea”), it’s no surprise that this beauty brand is an active force in ocean conservation advocacy. The brand spearheaded its Blue Heart Initiative to show its commitment to protecting marine habitats, donating to the protection efforts, supporting educational programs for wildlife, and working closely with environmental advocates.


Haircare brand OUAI has garnered a cult following online for its wide range of practical products, but that’s not the extent of the brand’s reach. Earlier this year, the brand pledged $100,000 (Dhs 367,310) to different social causes, including Black Lives Matter, the climate crisis advocacy group the Sunrise Movement, and the female-empowerment-focused Loveland Foundation


Last year, Clarins’s partnership with FEED celebrated its 10th anniversary. The beauty brand has worked with FEED’s non-profit organisations to provide over 34 million meals to children at schools across the globe, making it easy for its customers to give back through their purchases.


Cosmetic company RevitaLash partnered with an American Breast Cancer Research Center (BCRC), committing a portion of its earnings to research in the BCRC’s laboratories and its minority community outreach program. This philanthropic work is especially poignant this October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but is a year-round commitment for the brand. RevitaLash also works with organisations to end hunger, like Food Forward, and gifted 675 beauty boxes to the “lunch ladies” in Ventura County, California, who continued serving meals to children at schools during Covid