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2022 has been a very productive year for Middle Eastern shows streaming on major platforms, and we have compiled a list of our favourite ones for you to watch, from great storytelling to a phenomenal cast and top-notch production.

Finding Ola

Finding Ola is a Netflix original series starring Hend Sabry, Hany Adel and Sawsan Badr, who takes us through Ola’s journey of discovering herself post a divorce she did not see coming, demolishing the picture-perfect life she thought she had. The comedy-drama series will show Ola’s struggles, from being a single mother of two to her career haunt and the cultural obstacles she encounters.

Finding Ola is streaming now on Netflix.

Magnoona Beek

Magnoona Beek is the first Arabic musical to land in the MENA region, adopted by the American TV show ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and directed by Jou Bou Eid. The anticipated series will feature an iconic selection of Egyptian actors from the legendary Entesar, to Enjy Kiwan who is appearing in a new light, in addition to Adam El Sharkaw, Amir El Masry, and more.

Magnoona Beek is now streaming on Shahid.


The drama-mystery series starring first-class Syrian and Lebanse actors from Samer Al Masry, Dima Kandalaft, Karess Bashar, and more is based on the Turkish Drama ‘Ufak Tefek Cinayetle’r.’ It tells us the story of Alma, a middle-aged gynecologist who reunites with her high school bullies. Alma still cannot get over what happened after all these years and has a plan to seek revenge. The series will hook you with the exhilarating stories in between.

Stiletto is now streaming on Shahid.

The Accused

The crime horror 10-episode Shahid original series ‘The Accused,’ is about Nourhan, played by Dorra Zarouk, who becomes a fugitive after being accused of her husband’s murder and makes it her mission to discover the truth, find the real murderer and prove her innocence.

The Accused is streaming now on Shahid.

El Wada’ Mustaqer

Courtesy of OSN.

‘El Wada’ Mustaqer,’ is a quirky comedy series directed by Wael Farag, set around Saeed and Kamel’s stakeout assignment. While Nardine, played by Enjy Kiwan, is an intern struggling to learn from the eldest employee in the department.

El Wada’ Mustaqer is now streaming on OSN.