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Enjy Kiwan is an Egyptian MC, Presenter, Moderator, and Actress. She plays a decisive role in two TV series, including ‘Magnoona Beek,’ the first Arabic musical to land in the MENA region, adopted by the American TV show ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and directed by Jou Bou Eid. The anticipated series will show us Kiwan in a new light, singing, and dancing too. According to Kiwan, “This was really out of my comfort zone, but I did, and it was such an incredible experience.” Besides Kiwan, we will see an iconic selection of Egyptian actors from the legendary Entesar, in addition to Adam El Sharkaw, Amir El Masry, and more. ‘Magnoona Beek’ is now streaming on Shahid.

Kiwan is also returning as Nardine in season two of the quirky comedy series, ‘El Wada’ Mustaqer,’ directed by Wael Farag, which starts with a drug cartel waiting for a signal to commence their mission. Nardine is an intern, struggling to learn from the eldest employee in the department. You can now find out what happens next as you watch on OSN.