User-friendly apps like TraceCovid and Stay Home launched in the UAE to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus countrywide by keeping all citizens and residents informed on the current cases.

In recent developments, the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Abu Dhabi Health Authority and Dubai Health Authority have launched the new, free of cost Alhosn UAE app for both Android and iOS devices and it is now the official digital platform for COVID-19 tests in the UAE. The app was named after Abu Dhabi’s historic fort and combines the benefits from both of the initial TraceCovid and Stay Home COVID-19 tracking apps.

Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention shared that the launch of this app is a part of the UAE government’s extensive efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus which has now infected over 2.9 million people worldwide. “We can contain this virus only if we all act together, each one giving the others protection and peace of mind,” he said.

The Alhosn UAE app ensures user privacy through artificial intelligence and other technological tools. The app works on bluetooth signals and applies the use of QR scan codes which will reveal the health status of users in the surrounding area.

Additionally, the app also reveals information showing users the extent in which people in the same vicinity have quarantined at home and how efficiently they have complied with the guidelines and rules set by the government. This information would help people in quarantine as well and the overall society.

Click here to download the app for iPhone and here to download the app for Android.

Photos: Ben Kolde for Unsplash