Zoom job interviewTHE INTERN (2015)

Sue Belton – a leadership and life coach and author of Change Your Life In 5 (Eddison Books) – shares how to ace your next Zoom call.

1. Zoom gives a direct window into your life so set the frame – see it as a picture frame – as that is what they will be looking at when they are interviewing you. Once you have the tech set up, open up your personal meeting room and check out how your background looks.

2. In terms of what to wear, because they will only be seeing you from the waist up, take particular care of how you look here – no overly-bright colours or distracting accessories (unless going for a creative role). And be conscious that you may for some reason have to stand up.

3. Stay professional. Look into the camera on your computer – not at the person on the screen when delivering an answer. Don’t think because it is on Zoom it will necessarily be a more relaxed air. Similarly, make sure you use a professional profile name.

4. Have a ‘cheat sheet’. It’s one of the big benefits of Zoom. Put it out of sight and have key points, details of examples of your work, your unique skills etc, on it. Keep it short, just key words as prompts – and they will never know!

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