The UAE’s voluntary COVID-19 inoculation programme is being rolled out at top speed. The programme, which started its roll out in Abu Dhabi, has now been extended across Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Residents are now able to register for a free vaccination if they so wish.

Currently, the widely offered vaccine is the Chinese Sinopharm injection which, according to UAE regulators has a 86 per cent efficacy rate. It requires two doses administered 21 days apart. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination is presently only being offered to certain categories of the UAE population. This includes Emiratis and residents aged 60 and above, people with chronic diseases, people of determination, frontline workers, vital sector workers and members of the public who volunteer to get vaccinated.

If you’d like to get vaccinated, here are the hospitals and clinics administering the vaccine throughout the UAE.


Sinopharm: Alittihad Health Center, Hor Al Anz Health Center and Al Qusais Health centre.

Pfizer:  Zabeel Primary Health Care Centre, Al Mizhar Primary Health Care Centre, Nad Al Hamr Primary Health Care Centre, Al Barsha Primary Health Care Centre, Uptown Miriff Medical Fitness Centre and Hatta Hospital, Al Safa Primary Health Care Centre.

Prior booking is not required.

Abu Dhabi

Available at all clinics run by Seha, the emirate’s public health operator, and at hospitals and clinics run by VPS Healthcare. Bookings can be made for Seha clinics by calling 80050 or visiting www.seha.ae.

Prior booking is not required.

Ras Al Khaimah

Available at RAK Expo Center, Al Jazerah Health Center, Al Mamoorah Health Center, Al Manaie Health Center, Showka Health Center, Kadrah Health Center, Wadi Sifni Health center, Al Rams Health Center, Saif Bin Ali Health Center, Al Humraniah Health Center, Al Nakeel Health Center, Al Digdagah Health Center, Shamal Health Center, Sports Hall, Sheikh Khalifa Hall, Alfareq Al Motanaqel and RAK Hoospital.

Prior booking is not required.


Available at Wasit Medical Centre, Mughaider Suburb Council, West tent, Sajaa Mall, Al Rifaa Health Centre, Al Khalidiya Health Center, Alriqa Health Center, Sharjah Health Center, Alhamryeh Health Center, Nazwa Health Center, Albatayih Health Center, Wadi Alhelo Health Center, Lou Aluoayyah Health center and Dibba Alhessan Health Center.

Prior booking is not required.


Available at Al Humaidiyah Centre, Sheikh Khalifa Hall, Mushairef Health Center, Al Manama Health Center, Muzaira Health Center, Amina Hospital, Saudi German Hospital, Prime Medical Center EGM and Thumbay University Hospital.

Prior booking is not required.

Umm Al Quwain

Available at Sheikh Khalifa Hall, Falaj Almualla Health Center, Alrafa Health Center and Alkhazan Health Center.

Prior booking is required.


Available at Murashid Medical Centre, Sheikh Khalifa Hall, Dhadna Health center, Al Khalibia Health center, Al Madina Medical Center, Al Bidya Health Center, Murbah Health Center MOH, Al Qurayyah Health Center, Al Halah Primary Health center, Tawyeen Health Center, Al Siji Primary Health Center, Wadi Al Sedir Health center, Qidfaa Health center, School Health Center Fujeirah, Dibba Exhibition Centre and Thumbay Hospital.

Prior booking is not required.

  • All vaccines are currently provided free of charge. Hospitals and clinics involved across the UAE can be contacted directly for appointments.

Photos: Instagram