at-home chemical peel
Dreamy texture and even dreamier results with an at-home chemical peel. (Instagram @susannekaufmann_)

Did you ever think you’d become such a DIYer? One thing we all learned how to do last year was become our own specialist- whether it be maintaining our brows, whitening our teeth, and doing our own at-home chemical peels. If brow plucking and teeth bleaching sound extreme, is doing our own chemical peel next level madness? Turns out, it’s actually not. Chemical peels provide some serious exfoliation to freshen up your skin and give it the one thing every woman wants…a glow.

Ingredients to look for:

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), and fruit enzymes are the ingredients to look for when browsing through your favorite skincare shop. AHAs, namely, glycolic acid, lactic acid (which also has some amazing moisturising properties), and mandelic acid, are chemical exfoliators. They remove dead skin cells and help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. BHAs like salicylic acid clear out dirt, sebum, and other acne-causing impurities in pores. Fruit enzymes, like pumpkin, pineapple, and pomegranate extract quickly dissolve dead skin cells. Of course, it goes without saying that a broad spectrum sunblock is always needed during the day, especially after a sensitising chemical peel.

at-home chemical peel
Antioxidant pomegranate extract smooths the look and feeling of textured skin and protects skin from environmental stressors.

Three Ap-peel-ing Choices:

at-home chemical peel
Rich with papaya powder, Susanne Kaufmann’s Glow Mask recaptures youthful radiance. (Instagram @susannekaufmann_)

The Susanne Kaufmann Glow Mask (Dhs302, Cult Beauty) contains fruit enzyme papaya powder to clarify and smooth tired skin. It also decreases the appearance of pores. To help perk skin up, this at-home chemical peel mask also contains caffeine to help depuff and tighten skin. Leave on for 15 minutes after applying.

at-home chemical peels
Wishful skin Yo Glow Tropical Fruits Enzyme Scrub is a 3-in-1 at-home chemical peel. (Instagram @wishfulskin)

Wishful Skin’s Yo Glow Tropical Fruits Enzyme Scrub (Dhs91, Sephora) blends AHAs, BHAs, with a mocktail of fruit enzymes to deliver deliciously radiant looking skin. Stressed about hyperpigmentation from sun damage? Not a worry, this at-home chemical peel contains pineapple fruit extract that help minimise the appearance of dark spots. You’ll be hastagging #nofilterneeded before you know it. Yo Glow Tropical Fruits Enzyme Scrub is gentle enough for daily use and suits all skin types.

at-home chemical peel
The Verso Enzyme Peel contains a blend of AHAs, gentle chemical exfoliant poly hydroxy acids, and fruit enzymes.

Use the at-home chemical peel Verso Enzyme Peel gel one to three times per week for gentle exfoliation. In addition to AHAs and fruit enzymes, this peel uses polyhydroxy acids to delicately remove dead skin and promoting brighter and smoother skin. The skin-regenerating pomegranate enzymes within this formula also help to detoxify the skin and fight free radical damage.

There’s nothing wrong with (occasionally) skipping the spa, staying home, and pampering your way to a beautiful glow.