body butter
made for the ultimate glow-getter. (Instagram @naturalashbody)

It’s been said that the truest act of self-love is to lather up your skin with a creamy body butter. Well, maybe not, but we honestly can’t think a more luxurious way to indulge self-care. Whether you purchase pure shea butter at Global Village, a tub of the OG of body butters from The Body Shop, or are on the hunt for something new, your skin is in for a divine treat.

We chatted with skin expert and founder of Natural Ash Body, Ashley Cummings-Cort, to find out what makes a body butter so special. She broke it down for us in one simple word, ingredients. Ashely says, “a true body butter consists of just that, butter as well as oils. They melt instantly when contacted with your skin, absorb quickly, and help your skin stay hydrated.” We couldn’t have said it better ourself, and this registered nurse knows exactly what she’s talking about.

body butter
The ultimate body butter texture shot. (Instagram @fentyskin)

Body butters commonly contain the trifecta of moisturising ingredients. Think of this threesome as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and her pink dress. It just works. Occlusives, like shea, mango, and cocoa butters, have molecules that are too big to penetrate skin. Instead, they sit on top of skin and provide a thick layer of moisture. These ingredients repel water, keeping the hydrating ingredients, like humectants, in your skin. Humectants such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, love water and hold onto water within the skin. They bring water to the surface layer of the epidermis, keeping it plumped up and hydrated. Lastly, we have emollients whose primary job is to soften skin. Plant oils and fatty acids belong to this category.

Ashley went on to share that, “the best time to apply a body butter is right after showering or bathing”. She remarks that “skin is hydrated and ready to soak in moisture”, and also notes, to “never skip moisturising after showering”. Skipping this step can lead to dry, dull, and itchy skin.

body butter
Sensitive skin? Opt for body butters that only use natural ingredients like the Shuga Shea Body Butter from Natural Ash Body. Avoid ingredients like fragrance and preservatives. (Instagram @naturalashbody)

But what about those with oily skin? Can they enjoy the benefits of these skin softeners as well? Ashley notes that “shea butter has a comedogenic rating of zero, meaning it won’t clog your pores”. She recommends to “try a patch test first on your skin to see how you react, since everyone’s skin is different.”

Since our skin also begging for some extra nourishment, we rounded up a few must-have body butters to get our skin smooth and plumped up for our next date night.

Natural Ash Body, Shuga Shea Body Butter

body butter
The Shuga Shea Body Butter is packed with emollients and occlusive ingredients to give you goddess-like skin. (Instagram @naturalashbody)

The Shuga Shea Body Butter by Natural Ash Body (from Dhs88, is packed with shea, mango, and cocoa butters as well as emollient plant oils like sweet almond oil and avocado oil. Ashley included skin smoothing and notable tiger stripe (aka stretch mark) fader vitamin E to round out this incredibly nuturing body butter. To use, take a tiny bit of the Shuga Shea Body Butter (a little goes a very long way) into clean hands. Emulsify with your finger tips and glide on for some seriously softening action and a beautiful sheen. Our skin (and wallets) thank you.

Fenty Skin,  Butta Drop

body butter
Glow like Rihanna with Fenty Skin Butta Drop. (Instagram @fentyskin)

Our girl, Rih, knows exactly what we want…her gorgeous skin. So she whipped her favorite skincare ingredients and served us the Fenty Skin Butta Drop (Dhs160, Sephora). Described as a whipped oil body moisturiser, this skin-softening cream is packed with hydrating glycerin, deeply conditioning plant oils, and tropical butters. This rich body butter also features our favorite skin-brightener, vitamin C,  to give us a gorgeous glow. Can we pour this over our entire life?

Federic Malle, Portrait of a Lady Body Butter

body butter
A body butter as luxurious as its packaging from luxury French perfumer, Federic Malle. (Instagram @federicmalle)

Luxury French perfume publisher, Federic Malle, creates deeply hydrating and richly fragrant body butters. The Portrait of a Lady Body Butter (Dhs810, Ounass) features shea butter, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid to moisturise skin as well as aloe to provide skin-calming relief. In addition, opulent and scent-sational ingredients including Turkish Rose, sandalwood, berries, patchouli, and cinnamon are combined to provide his signature fragrance experience and leave your skin emanating with its luxurious essence.